Who will speak Matt’s language? THE BACHELOR AUSTRALIA. coming soon

The Bachelor Australia
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Who Will Speak Matt’s Language?

The Bachelor Australia. Coming Soon 10 And WIN Network.

Think you know everything about The Bachelor Australia’s latest heart-throb Matt Agnew? Think again.

Not only is he an astrophysicist searching for Earth 2.0, he can also speak many different languages. Including the language of love.

Enter blonde bombshell Helena, 25, from Western Australia. Taken back by her beauty, our main man Matt also hones in on her accent stating, “I’m sorry, I’m infatuated by your accent. Do you speak any other languages?” Cue a French themed flirt-fest between the two. We have no idea what they’re saying, but we’re sure it’s PG.

Up next is Sogand, 30, from New South Wales. This Persian goddess asks Matt to repeat what she’s saying. Rising to the challenge, Matt repeats the words, only for us to find out he’s just asked her to marry him. Well played!

Finally, damsel in red Kristen, 24, from Queensland who speaks fluent Chinese. After speaking the language of the Orient to her potential beau, her eyes light up when Matt speaks a few words in Chinese back, exclaiming, “I can’t believe he can speak some Chinese!”

As Matt says, “they’re not afraid to speak the language of love. If that’s the sign of things to come, I’ve got a really tough decision ahead.”

That you do Matt, that you do.

The Bachelor Australia. Coming Soon To 10 And WIN Network.