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This is the story of a couple of little miracles. Chloe Kennedy and Nicole Crawford are quadriplegics who shared a dream of becoming mothers. 

Nicole was 18-years-old when she was critically injured in a jeep accident on the sand dunes of Kurnell. Unable to move her arms or legs, she thought she would never have a child. But ten years later, she is the mother to a happy, healthy toddler named Reagan. The network of family and friends surrounding Nicole is the village that makes it all possible.

Chloe damaged the spinal cord in her neck during a skiing holiday in Italy. But she never lost her smile. Instead she found strength and ultimately hope, falling pregnant to her partner Antonello just 16 months after her accident. Sunday Night host and senior correspondent Melissa Doyle joins Chloe on her incredible journey to motherhood.

This a heart-warming tale of pure and unconditional love and of two courageous women determined to beat the odds.



Bryan Brown and Sam Neill have clocked up more than 160 film and television roles between them. They’ve also been best mates for four decades.

They met while they were building their acting careers in Australia. Sam was suave. Bryan was the rugged bushman. Their onscreen personalities could not have been more different. Yet they were both courted by Hollywood. Bryan found fame behind the bar in ‘Cocktail’. And Sam went on to walk alongside the dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic Park’. Through career disappointments and major health issues, their friendship has endured. As Sunday Night senior correspondent Steve Pennells discovered, it hasn’t all been black ties and red carpets.


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