Chemistry, tattoos And what do you do’s? on THE BACHELOR AUSTRALIA

The Bachelor Australia
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Chemistry, Tattoos And What Do You Do’s?

There’s one question on everyone’s lips in regard to our latest Bachelor, Matt Agnew.

And no, it isn’t how someone so smart and handsome could be single, but more like; “what the hell is an astrophysicist?”

Our curly-haired 23-year-old property analyst, Abbie, became a viral sensation when she declared herself a Gemini after Matt told her what he did for a living.

As it turns out, Abbie isn’t alone in being completely in the dark when it comes to the Bachie’s 9 to 5 day job. A few of her fellow love hopefuls are also none-the-wiser.

With responses from our Bachelorettes such as “such a big word” and “sounds like a fake job”, it is safe to say Matt’s road to love is going to be an interesting one.

One girl who knows her molecules from compounds, and could definitely rival our Bachie in a science quiz, is 28-year-old chemical engineer Chelsie.

Presenting Matt with a box containing a temporary tattoo of the chemical structure of oxytocin, the blonde bombshell barely makes it through her spiel before Matt intercepts with some facts about the love hormone.

We’re no scientist nor mathematician, but does Matt plus Chelsie equal the perfect chemistry? One thing is for sure… these two would look damn fine in a lab coat.

Pheromones and hormones are definitely in the air, but will a deeper connection follow?

Hanging out for a premiere date of when this season will hit our screens? Join the club. All will be revealed very soon.

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