Sir Michael Caine is the special guest on ANDREW DENTON'S INTERVIEW

Andrew Denton’s Interview
Source: BBC America


Two people, two chairs, one conversation, no gimmicks

Not a lot of people know this, but Andrew recently flew to London to speak with Sir Michael Caine, a man who has two Oscars, more than a hundred movie credits (from Zulu and Alfie to The Dark Knight and Cider House Rules) and a life story so long it’s taken three autobiographies to cover it.

The latest of these, Blowing The Bloody Doors Off: And Other Lessons In Life, distills a lot of the wisdom and advice Sir Michael has collected over the decades, what he’s learned about being a human being.

This conversation with Andrew is wide-ranging, covering the brother he never knew he had, sharing a dole queue with Sean Connery, being frightened by Heath Ledger on the set of Batman and spotting his future wife in a TV commercial, among many, many other things.

Andrew also does his Michael Caine impersonation for the man himself. You’ll have to tune in to see the verdict.

ANDREW DENTON’S INTERVIEW airs Tuesday June 11 at 9.00pm on Seven. Catch up on 7plus.