Dead Evil - The crimes of Ivan Milat - This weekend on SUNDAY NIGHT TRUE STORIES

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Serial killer Ivan Robert Marko Milat is terminally ill, his body ravaged by throat and stomach cancer. For many, his death can’t come soon enough.

Back in the late eighties and early nineties, Ivan Milat tortured and killed seven young backpackers, dumping their bodies in dense bushland. For those crimes, Milat is serving seven consecutive life sentences. But police always suspected there were more victims.

And Milat’s brother Boris agrees.

This is a deeply divided family. A nephew is convinced his uncle Ivan is innocent. Boris claims he’s a psychopath. And then there’s Ivan’s secret love child that he fathered with his brother’s wife.

The horror Milat unleashed in the Belangalo State forest is a stain that will never be erased from the Australian psyche. But to this day he hasn’t confessed, resisting the pleas of police and the families of his victims..

In a major Sunday Night investigation, senior investigative journalist Steve Pennells revisits the terrifying crimes, unearthing new information and identifying more victims. And he speaks with one of the luckiest men alive - a British backpacker who believes he came within seconds of becoming one of Milat’s earliest kills.

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