NEIGHBOURS | Christie Whelan Browne pops by Ramsay Street

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Christie Whelan Browne Pops By Ramsay Street.

There has been loads happening in Erinsborough over the last few months that has kept the residents of Ramsay Street very busy. But, it’s only going to get busier! 

Jemma Donovan, daughter of Neighbours patriarch Jason Donovan, has arrived and is about to make her on screen debut next month. 

Georgie Stone is out on set and is straight into filming her role as Neighbours’ first transgender character, Mackenzie Hargreaves.

And did we mention the six TV Week Logie nominations the show and some of the cast received? Yep, six!

The excitement continues to grow as one of Australia’s most versatile stage and screen performers heads to Ramsay Street.

Christie Whelan Browne is about to make her mark on Australia’s longest running soap, Neighbours, in a guest role.

An award-winning actress who has been entertaining Australian audiences for many years both in the theatre and on our television screens, Christie boasts an impressive resume including roles in some of Australia’s most well-known dramas: Wonderland, Offspring, House Husbands and The Wrong Girl and now she will be adding Neighbours to her list. 

Christie will play Scarlett Brady, a complex individual, a die-hard romantic and to be frank, a master manipulator.

With a troubled and complicated childhood behind her, Scarlett lands in Ramsay Street with a hidden agenda, and a severe and concerning obsession with one of Ramsay Streets favourites.

Christie will make her debut on Neighbours in September 2019.

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