Heston Blumenthal provides our top 12 with a sugar high on MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA

MasterChef Australia
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Nothing Tastes As Good As Sweet Week Feels.

Heston Blumenthal Provides Our Top 12 With A Sugar High.

What’s sweeter than making it half-way through the competition to the Top 12? Meeting the master of molecular gastronomy Heston Blumenthal of course!

You will be like a kid in a candy store this week as that’s just one of the tasty surprises Sweet Week is serving up.

Sunday night, Heston reveals a mystery box full of mixed lollies that will inspire our contestant’s cook and award one of them a chance to cook for immunity.

Empty your cereal boxes as tonight’s Invention Test is all about serving a sweet dish that uses cereal in an innovative way.

Monday night’s pressure test is set by the Queen of Croissants, Melbourne’s own Kate Reid from Lune Croissanterie. It’s a two-day challenge for our bottom three to recreate one of Lune’s black forest croissants.

The sweets keep coming on Tuesday as contestants must make four delicious ice-creams in a cone in a round one immunity cook. Then the best cook from round one cooks off against pastry chef Alice Wright from Millstone in Melbourne.

Wednesday’s team challenge requires contestants to create a delicious, sweet dish that is identical in look, texture and flavour to their teammate’s dish. The top two teams will send their makers straight into the Top 10.

In a surprise twist, we end Sweet Week on a sugar low as the bottom three teams must make a sweet dish without using refined sugar.

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