Australian TV exclusive! ANDREW DENTON’S INTERVIEW: Madonna

Andrew Denton’s Interview
Source: Seven Network



Two people, two chairs, one conversation, no gimmicks

This week on Interview, a special treat: Madonna in the blue guest chair. Marking the release of her new album, Madame X, the pop icon sits down for a chat with Andrew in London in her only Australian TV interview.

This wide-ranging, funny, thoughtful conversation touches on:

The Madame X persona and what it means to her;

Taking risks in a safe pop world;

Her move to Lisbon and the musical inspiration it provided;

Her politics and philanthropy;

Her memories of the first time she went to a gay club;

Motherhood, her six children and the surprising places they have taken her;

Why Catholic iconography continues to draw her in;

What she would say to the Pope if they met;

And other surprises.

Oh, and the Queen of Reinvention, resplendent in her Madame X eyepatch, offers Andrew a few tips on giving himself a style makeover, one of which is a simple piece of advice that defines her whole career: “Be daring”.

Madonna’s new album Madame X out now

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