David Speers explores Toppling Turnbull and Morrison’s Miracle in new documentary specials

image - Sky News

Sky News has confirmed a premiere date for its exclusive political special Bad Blood: Toppling Turnbull and New Blood: Morrison’s Miracle.

Following the extraordinary result in the federal election, the special hosted by award-winning Sky News Political Editor David Speers, takes viewers inside Scott Morrison’s “miracle” win.

David explores how the Coalition went from being supposedly unelectable, to a stunning victory. Bad Blood: Toppling Turnbull is the first of two must-see political blockbusters. Key figures reveal, for the first time, what really happened in the spill which cost Malcolm Turnbull the top job, exposing shocking enmities and reveals the unlikely alliances which led the Liberals to such a brutal and dramatic change of leadership.

Then in part two, New Blood: Morrison’s Miracle viewers will see how Scott Morrison rebuilt his party, won the ‘unwinnable’ election, and secured his place in political history.

Drawing on its unrivalled coverage of August’s leadership spill, Sky News has surfaced key moments, interviews and news conferences surrounding the extraordinary political event to provide viewers with a deeper insight into the events as well as the aftermath. 

Watch the two-part political special from Tuesday June 25 at 8:00pm AEST - Continues Wednesday June 26 at 8:00pm AEST

Watch on Sky News Live, Foxtel channels 103 & 600

Sky News on WIN, Channel 53 and 83.