AIRDATE | Kylie van der Veer and her battles with Eating Disorder

Presented by Rebecca Gibney, in an intimate and empathetic interview, Kylie van der Veer shares all, as we look back at the vital steps she took towards recovery.

After 20 years of starving herself to feel worthy and binging to feel nothing at all, Kylie’s eating disorder has finally taken it’s toll, but with the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and no clear pathway to recovery, the challenge ahead is much bigger than she realises.

Under the guidance of Claire Middleton OAM (Founder of the Butterfly Foundation), Kylie explores a variety of treatment options, consulting with leading experts, therapists, authors and advocates, including the latest research into brain science and genetics.

In this two part series, It quickly becomes clear that Kylie is using her eating disorder as a substitute for feeling and she’s not going to let it go without a fight.  Documented over the past 3.5 years by her partner Annie, Kylie shares without inhibition, offering an emotional insight into the tangled heart that lies beneath the world’s deadliest mental illness.

Compass | A Peace Of Nourishment - Sunday 2nd June at 6:30pm on ABC