The most terrifying mid-air emergency you've never heard of on SUNDAY NIGHT

Sunday Night
Source: 7plus

It is the most terrifying mid-air emergency in Australian history. And chances are you’ve never even heard about it.

In October 2008, Qantas flight 72 was on its way from Singapore to Perth. The flight seemed routine. Then suddenly, the plane’s automated systems went haywire and sent the Airbus into a death dive.

Captain Kevin Sullivan was at the controls that day. He had to draw on all the skills he had ever learned as a fighter pilot to bring the plane back from certain disaster. Only his cool head and heroism saved the 315 passengers and crew on board.

This Sunday Night, the previously untold story of Qantas’ worst-ever accident. How a plane went psycho, injuring one hundred passengers and crew, many seriously.

Sunday Night senior reporter Matt Doran sat down with injured passengers, crew members and the hero pilot. And for the first time, Captain Sullivan opens up about what went wrong, how he saved his plane and the lessons we should have learned from this shocking incident.

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