Husband and Wife Ukulele Team - This week in THE RECORDING STUDIO

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In this weeks episode the studio is taken over by Uketras, Kate Begbie and Adam Bowes.

Husband and wife team, Jane and Mark, run ukulele community groups in and around Newcastle, NSW. Eight times a week their Ukestras (Ukulele Orchestras) meet up to play the Ukulele. They are from all walks of life and up to as many as 200 people attend each fun group event.

Ukestras is a celebration of community, collaboration and the humble ukulele. The group want  to  sing  ‘My  Girl’  as  a  tribute  to  their  children,  and  to  celebrate  their  community. Producer Matt Fell, a long-time appreciator of the ukulele, and music director Scott Aplin bring together this group for their musical gift in a colourful, unique recording.

Kate is a married mother of three and is recording a song for her eldest child, Elio, as a special gift. Elio who is seven-years-old, has an undiagnosed illness which has stopped his development. He's unable to walk or talk and he’s not mobile and non-verbal. He needs care 100% per cent of the time. While it’s been tough on the whole family, one bright spot in their lives is music and how much Elio loves his music sessions.

‘Beautiful Boy’ by John Lennon is a song mum Kate has been singing to Elio since he was born. It's a song for good days and bad days and for Kate but seeing Elio react to her singing is one of her greatest pleasures. Unable to watch her son riding a bike or jumping on a trampoline, Kate wants to record her musical gift for Elio so he has something special that is just his. In this emotional story, music producer Shane Nicholson helps Kate find her groove and relax into a very special recording for Elio.

Adam is a double amputee who had to have parts of his legs removed when he was two- years-old, as he was born without tibia bones from his knees to ankles.

Adam now walks on prosthetics and lives an incredibly active life. He holds numerous Para- Olympic records for swimming. Adam, with the help of iconic pop producer Charles Fisher records  the  Ed  Sheeran’s  hit  ‘Perfect’ for  his  high  school  sweetheart  Sarah, for  the  first dance at their wedding happening in 2019.

The Recording Studio gives Australians a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to record in a world  class  studio  with  industry  professionals.  They  must  overcome  their  fears  and realise their dreams so they can give the gift of a song that tells their story to someone special. It’s a place where stories can be told and captured forever

The Recording Studio – 8pm Tuesday 28th May on ABC