With an estimated $70 million stashed somewhere Casanova Conman is featured on SUNDAY NIGHT

Sunday Night
Source: Seven Network


Hamish McLaren was charming, manipulative and cunning - the ultimate conman. Over three decades and four continents, he stole millions of dollars from the vulnerable and the naïve using romance, lies and multiple identities.

And when he’d stripped his victims of everything, he walked away from their wrecked lives without a backwards glance.

So, who the hell is Hamish?

Hamish McLaren may be Australia’s greatest ever conman with an estimated 70 million dirty dollars stashed away somewhere in the world.

Sunday Night host and senior correspondent Melissa Doyle speaks with three of the women he scammed - the ex-wife, the wealthy friend and the former partner - all beautiful and intelligent women and all wondering how they were so easily duped.

This edition of SUNDAY NIGHT: TRUE STORIES hosted by Melissa Doyle airs on Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven and 7plus.