Everyone has a story. Some are TABOO. Coming soon to 10 and WIN

Source: WIN

Everyone Has A Story. Some Are Taboo.

Last year’s moving and brutally honest Pilot Week show, TABOO, gave us permission to laugh with people that we shouldn’t be laughing at - and due to popular demand, it’s back.

Across three new episodes, Harley invites guests away on holiday and continues the conversation on three confronting topics – death, racism and mental health.

He will spend time with people who are terminally ill, people who have been victims of racism and people living with mental illness.

Humour prevails as Harley listens to their stories and asks each person: “What’s funny, and what’s not?”

And, after their week away together, he writes a stand-up comedy routine about his four new friends, to perform in front of them, their friends and family.

TABOO showcases candid and intimate stories through a unique blend of human interest and comedy.

In the words of Harley; “I’m not saying everything is funny, but there is funny in everything.” And he’s not wrong.

TABOO.  Coming Soon to 10 and the WIN Network.