AIRDATE | Troy Kinne and friends return for a full new season of KINNE TONIGHT

Troy Kinne
image - 10

After being tested during last year’s Pilot Week, comedy sketch show Kinne Tonight is returning to 10 and this time, it’s not just for one night only. 

In a show that 10 publicity is describing as “a full-blown series” that “promises to leave you in stitches” every single Monday night after Have You Been Paying Attention.

Troy Kinne and a bunch of his friends will be hitting your screens every week to unpack and poke fun at the messiness and realities of modern life.

From what your coffee order says about you (almond milk drinkers, be warned), to using pick-up lines on dating apps, Troy tackles the topics with some of the most relatable and side-splittingly funny humour you’ve ever witnessed.

Kinne Tonight premieres Monday, 27 May At 9.30pm on the 10 and WIN Network.