Kerri-Anne Kennerly is true to her word and visits Alice Springs Aboriginal communities for 10 News First

Kerri-Anne Kennerly
Source: Mamamia

It was the Australia Day conversation that made headlines for weeks.

True to her word, Studio 10’s Kerri-Anne Kennerley along with 10 News First’s National Affairs Editor Hugh Riminton have travelled to Alice Springs to meet with Indigenous groups to see first hand the family and domestic violence issues these communities face.

In an exclusive report on tonight’s 10 News First that will feature interviews with members of the Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group, Kerri-Anne will grasp how these communities operate and experience the support facilities available to Indigenous women of all ages. 

Kerri-Anne and Hugh will also meet with a former president of Hoppy’s Town Camp, Sherleen Campbell who has extended an invitation for them to visit the camp’s residents.

On Tuesday’s Studio 10, Kerri-Anne will also present an extended look at her experiences. She will be joined by Alice Springs’ Councillor Jacinta Price to revisit the much debated conversation with the added insight of the stories she has uncovered.

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