Andrew Denton returns with a new season of INTERVIEW tonight on SEVEN

image - Seven

Andrew Denton returns to Seven tonight for a second series of surprising, funny and often moving conversations with a new crop of amazing humans.

Last year’s guest list included household names – Magda Szubanski, Cher, Mick Fanning, Daniel Johns, and Guy Pearce among them. Then there were people whose stories you could scarcely believe, such as Canadian kidnap survivor Amanda Lindhout and Queenslander Rebecca Sharrock, the woman who can remember every day of her life.

“I can’t tell you who’ll be in the blue guest chairs this year,” says host Andrew Denton, “because first, that would spoil the surprise, and second, nobody tells me anything around here. Apparently, I’m just a pretty face.”

“What I can say is that it’s a privilege to sit and talk with extraordinary people at length about what makes them tick. That moment – when everything goes quiet and all the bullshit of television seems to drop away – that’s the moment I’m always hoping for. When it happens, it’s unforgettable.

“I guess that, really, we’re slow food in a fast food environment. That makes us a slightly odd fit in the world of 2019. So, if it makes it easier, just think of us as Marinated at First Sight.”

ANDREW DENTON’S INTERVIEW premieres Tonight (Tuesday 23 April) at 9.00pm on Seven. Catch up on 7plus.