Erratic LETHAL WEAPON scheduling from Nine

Lethal Weapon
Source: Screener TV

Nine has returned the television series Lethal Weapon to the schedule but whether you get to see the show consistently depends on what capital city you live in.

Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth viewers have seen the show return to the schedule and air consistently after The AFL Footy Show on Wednesday nights.

Due to daylight savings, Brisbane viewers had a free 1-hour slot after the NRL on Thursday nights. Episode 3 will air this Thursday April 4th. However, with the end of daylight savings, Brisbane will line-up their Thursday schedule with Sydney from April 11th, kicking Lethal Weapon out of the schedule.

Sydney viewers have not seen the show return at all.

NINE have been contacted for comment as to why Brisbane returned the show, knowing only 3 episodes could air and also when Sydney and Brisbane will see future episodes.

 A spokesperson for NINE responded to TV Blackbox with ‘we are not commenting’.