Australian amateur singers receive chance of lifetime in THE RECORDING STUDIO

The Recording Studio
images - ABCTV

On The Recording Studio, everyday Australians are offered the chance of a lifetime, to help them professionally record the one song that means more to them than any other.

It’s a place where stories can be told and captured forever.

The series will give Australians a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to record in a world class studio with industry professionals. They must overcome their fears and realise their dreams so they can give the gift of a song that tells their story to someone special.

Across 10 episodes the audience intimately get to know each person and the reason behind their recording. This behind the scenes look at what it takes to record a song is at times humorous, at times heartbreaking, but always moving, with the talent of these normal Aussies awe inspiring.

The Recording Studio will be filmed at the iconic ABC precinct in the heart of Sydney which is being opened to the public for the very first time. The series takes a step inside Studio 227 – home of Triple J’s Like A Version and Live at The Wireless.

The first episode will feature John Hanley, who has Motor Neuron Disease and is looking to record a time capsule for his wife to remember him by after he’s gone.

And opera student Aimee surprises her grandad with an orchestral performance of a song that his mother performed in a bygone era.

Each contributor is mentored by a team of the music industry’s most acclaimed and talented producers. All experts in their genres, with a bucket load of Australian and International hits under their belts, the producers use their skilful hands to bring out the power and the story of each recording.

Working with acclaimed recording engineer Anna Laverty, who’s worked with everyone from Florence and The Machine to Nick Cave, and respected Music Director and accomplished pianist, Scott Aplin, the team bring the recordings to life with the technical know-how only usually afforded to professionals. With such unique industry talents on hand to offer advice and industry know-how, each recording is a special and powerful lasting memory in song.

Voiced  by  music  industry  heavyweight  Megan  Washington,  The  Recording  Studio  celebrates  the  power  of  music to heal…  inspire…  and to transform!

The Recording Studio premieres Tuesday April 16 at 8pm on ABCTV