Seven's Mad Friday Schedule Amendments

Coastal Railways
Source: Channel 4

It’s been a tough start to the year for Australia’s Nb1 Network. Like everyone, Seven has been feeling the Married at First Sight effects with My Kitchen Rules ratings down significantly on past years.

The pain does not stop there with Friday schedule amendments that are all over the place.

This Friday, Sydney Brisbane and Perth are dropping Cleaning Up from the main channel and are moving it to 7two to air the same time as Melbourne and Adelaide.

7TWO NATIONAL schedule Friday 28th:

8:30 Cleaning Up (ep 4)
9:30 Cleaning Up (ep 5)
10:30 Coastal Railways with Julie Walters (ep 3)

That is simple enough. The main channel will air a movie called The Accountant.

However, next week April 5th on 7TWO all markets will air:

8:30 Cleaning Up (ep 6) (final)
9:30 Movie - Made of Honor (repeat)

But for some reason Melbourne and Adelaide viewers will see the final episode of Coastal Railways at 11:30pm, whilst Sydney, Brisbane and Perth will show repeat episodes of Border Security: International that are replays of episodes aired at 7:30pm. The final Railways is not scheduled in Sydney, Brisbane or Perth.

On the main channel, on April 5th, AFL will air in Melbourne and Adelaide, TBA will air in Sydney, the movie Shooter will air in Brisbane and the movie Red will air in Perth.

Also on Monday nights on the main channel, Crazy on a Plane has returned with new episodes in Sydney and Brisbane, but Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will not see it at all, as the main channel will air an encore of Talking Footy that aired on 7mate some 3 hours earlier. That episode will air 1 hour later in Sydney and Brisbane but Seven in other states will not use that slot for Crazy on a Plane.

Let’s go one step further - Better Homes and Gardens specials have been airing on Thursday nights in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth on the main channel and at the same time on 7TWO in Melbourne and Adelaide. However, on Thursday April 4th the episode is not screened on 7TWO for Melbourne and Adelaide at all.

Finally, 7TWO traditionally play a double repeat of Murdoch Mysteries on Thursday nights from a later season (season 7 at the moment) and then a classic episode at 1030 (season 1 at the moment).

When Melbourne and Adelaide have Better Homes on Thursday nights on 7two at 730pm they move Father Brown to 8:30pm. Rather than then play the later season double and just skip the classic, Melbourne and Adelaide play half the double episode and then the classic, confusing viewers who watch the show.

Also, why do Seven Melbourne have to show 30 minutes of Better Homes and Gardens on the main channel and the second 60 minutes on 7two. Why not screen Better Homes in full on 7two and Friday Night Countdown AFL at 7pm on the main channel?

Why not go with…..

Friday Nights

Main Channel

Melbourne and Adelaide

7pm AFL

Sydney Brisbane Perth

7pm Better Homes and Gardens

8:30 Movie


Melbourne and Adelaide

7pm Better Homes and Gardens

8:30 Father Brown (missed from Thursday)

9:30 Movie

Sydney Brisbane Perth

7pm filler repeats Border Security

8:30 Movie

I have sought comment from Seven, but the consistency in the schedule is lackluster.

If you got to the end of this amendment without being confused, you are doing well.