Bondi Influencers Join #AmazingRaceAU

The Amazing Race Australia
Source: 10 Network

Would you steal from nuns to win yourself $250,000?

Meet social media influencers Sid and Ash. This Bondi couple are prepared to break some commandments to win the #AmazingRaceAU when it premieres on Monday, 28 October at 7.30pm.

There’s no denying Sid and Ash enjoy the finer things in life. From fine dining to luxurious holidays and endless upgrades, this lavish lifestyle comes at a cost, and what better way to bankroll it than taking out the winning title?

As former elite swimmers, the fashion-forward couple are used to hard work and early morning starts… and yes, those are his and hers Camilla outfits they’re wearing.

Get set to channel your inner Sid and Ash and knock back a glass of (very expensive) champagne when The Amazing Race Australia begins.


The Amazing Race Australia. Premieres Monday, 28 October At 7.30pm.