Mini-series event THE TITANS THAT BUILT AMERICA premieres today on HISTORY

From revolutionizing the automobile and erecting skyscrapers to conquering human flight, this miniseries chronicles the rise and intense rivalries of industrial heavy hitters – Du Pont, Chrysler, Morgan Jr., Ford and Boeing.

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New 9/11 special FIRST IN documents the CIA hunt for OSAMA BIN LADEN

“First In” is the first documentary detailing the war between the CIA and bin Laden. From the first CIA officers that set boots on the ground in Afghanistan, days after 9/11, until the night Osama bin Laden was killed.

RIVER HUNTERS returns this week with a brand new season

River Hunters combines a fresh and accessible perspective on history – both ancient and modern – with plenty of humor and adventure, delivering the next generation of treasure hunt shows.

New documentary special explores THE KILLING$ OF TONY BLAIR

Ex-Labour and Respect MP George Galloway presents The Killing$ of Tony Blair, a documentary film which highlights former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair's, alleged destruction of the Labour party

New Australian documentary FIGHTING TO FARM: WWII Soldiers of Kangaroo Island to premiere this Anzac Day

Set in the wake of the devastating 2020 bushfires, Fighting to Farm chronicles the remarkable tale of returned WWII veterans and their families who - against all odds - created farms and communities across the undeveloped western half of Kangaroo Island.