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Peter: The Human Cyborg this week on FOUR CORNERS

Dr Peter Scott-Morgan is a renowned scientist and robotics expert. In 2017 he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND), an incurable illness that attacks the body’s nerves causing muscles to waste away.

ABC gets creative with new series ART WORKS launching tonight

With in-studio segments, playful explainers & deep-dive field reports from locations across Australia, Art Works puts the spotlight on creativity as an overlooked but inherent part of our everyday lives, from the garden to the gallery and everything in between.

Children of the Brush – This week on AUSTRALIAN STORY

John left the family when they were teenagers to pursue another relationship, leaving their mother Valerie devastated. John’s next two marriages would see the children often distanced from his life.

SPICKS AND SPECKS continues this weekend with Dee Snyder and Denise Scott

On this Sunday's episode of Spicks and Specks, Adam, Myf and Alan find out all about Synesthesia, what Amyl and the Sniffers said to Agro, whether Tom Ballard can tap dance and what Dee Snyder and Denise Scott's love child would look like.

Courtney Act and Bridget McKenzie this week on Q+A

This week on Q+A – all the big issues of the week including, as India’s Covid-19 outbreak spirals out of control, Australia has announced it will suspend all passenger flights between the two countries until mid-May to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

HEATHER EWART travels to Victoria to experience the Mallee Spirit on BACK ROADS

A land of sweeping landscapes and huge skies, it’s the state’s hottest and driest region. It was also its last frontier, because the tough drought-resistant Mallee eucalypt scrub made it so hard to clear.

YOU CAN’T ASK THAT returns tonight with a revealing episode focussed on Cheaters

You Can’t Ask That, is back for a sixth season with eight unflinching new episodes featuring the misunderstood, judged, or marginalised Australians answering the public’s anonymously submitted questions.

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