WEEK 19 TV RATINGS WRAP - Lego dominates but Seven rules

Both Seven and Nine have plenty to smile about at the conclusion of Week 19, but what’s going on with 10?

Just when they thought they were digging themselves out of a hole, Channel 10 has slipped back to 4th place behind the ABC. Questions are being asked around 10’s Pyrmont headquarters about whether CBS boss Armando Nunez is going to step in and stop the rot. Thanks to the administration process 10 has been able to clear its expensive contract with Fox and is now in profit, but with a swag full of cash to invest in programming it would seem executives are not making the right choices.

In week 18 the combo of MasterChef and Bachelor in Paradise saw the network elevated to 3rd spot (although the primary channel remained in 4th place) but after falling back to to fourth spot in week 19 it’s obvious they need more than one (moderate) hit a week to be able to stay ahead of the national broadcaster.

Meanwhile, in the main game between Seven and Nine, both have plenty to smile about this week. Lego Masters is a great success story for Nine while Seven’s strong news line-up is giving them a really solid base to work from. On Saturday night the network had a massive 40.1% share thanks to AFL.


Seven: 31.0%

Nine: 27.4%

ABC: 17.8%

10: 16.7%

SBS: 7.1%



Rinse and repeat. That pretty much sums up the primary channel shares with a replay of last week and identical placings compared to network shares.


Seven: 20.9%

Nine: 19.6%

ABC: 12.8%

10: 11.2%

SBS: 4.6%


**All data below has been calculated from overnight top 20 lists provided by OzTam, not adjusted figures**

BIGGEST SHOWS FOR EACH NETWORK (excluding nightly news)

NINE: LEGO MASTERS (Sunday) - 1,091,000

SEVEN: HOUSE RULES (Sunday) - 684,000

10: MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA (Wednesday) - 664,000

ABC: VERA (Sunday) - 735,000

The only striped entertainment show bringing in consistent numbers is Nine’s Lego Masters. Both House Rules and MasterChef have seen significant changes in audience numbers during the week.

On Sunday House Rules had 684k but on Tuesday only delivered 534k viewers (and was beaten by afternoon gameshow The Chase).

MasterChef reached a high of 664k on Wednesday putting it in position #17 for the week but Monday’s episode was 10 places lower.

Michael Rowland & Virginia Trioli currently host ABC NEWS BREAKFAST

PHOTO: Herald Sun


Some good news for the TODAY show with its weekly average sitting above the new (lower) milestone of 200,000.

With ABC News Breakfast taking off, news of Virginia Trioli leaving the show will mean ABC bosses will need to think very carefully about who replaces her. One wrong move and it will be the TODAY shows woes all over again.

Week 19 breakfast TV ratings chart


CRAIG BENNETT helped Studio 10 increase viewers on Monday


It was a big week for Studio 10 on the entertainment front. Craig Bennett delivered 70,000 viewers on Monday with his inside goss on celebrities in a feature package to plug his new book (which TV Blackbox is looking forward to reading). It was also the week in which Angela Bishop celebrated 30 years at Network 10 - and from personal experience I can vouch that is a real achievement!

Unfortunately it still resulted in a weekly average of 54,000 viewers (almost half of its nearest competitor), a long way off the pace from a few years ago.

The Morning Show took top honours and TODAY EXTRA managed to get over the 100,000 hurdle.

WEEK 19 Morning TV ratings chart

SEVEN NEWS started the year strong in Brisbane but is now under pressure from Nine   PHOTO: Seven

SEVEN NEWS started the year strong in Brisbane but is now under pressure from Nine

PHOTO: Seven


Nine News Brisbane seems to have found its mojo again and Seven News Melbourne is on the comeback trail.

While Seven took out the national win thanks to the big margins in Perth and Adelaide, Nine claimed Sydney and with 11 out of 11 weeks of official ratings under its belt looks certain to get to the magic 21 weeks and claim another year.

In Brisbane and Melbourne the race is far more interesting.

This is the third straight week (in official ratings) that Seven has had the edge on Nine in Melbourne. Nine is still 8 weeks ahead to Seven’s 3 but it’s starting to get very interesting.

In Brisbane Seven was a clear winner for the first 5 weeks of survey but Nine has been able to turn it around. At the conclusion of week 19 Seven has won 6 weeks to Nine’s 5.


The 7pm slot firmly belongs to Nine’s A Current Affair with ABC News a strong second. Home & AWAY has been playing a solid game this year though and has found success after a shaky start.

The Project slipped out of the top 20 on Monday night but retained typical numbers for the week.

The following charts have been provided by Nine and focus on commercial television;