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Taeler and Elle reveal their ruthless strategy, and two completed homes revealed on DREAM HOME

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This is the week Australia has been waiting for. Not one, but two completed dream homes will be revealed this Sunday on Channel 7.

Judges Simon Cohen, Rosie Morley and Lana Taylor will cast their expert eyes over the contestant’s hard work at the finished Northcote and Watsonia renovations. 

And then, there will be tears from the front door to every room in the house as Brad and Mel and Taeler and Elle, see their completed dream homes for the very first time.

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But it won’t all be happy tears. Determined to keep their place at the top of the leaderboard at all costs, Taeler and Elle declare they’re prepared to do whatever it takes.

“We need to be selfish….that’s the game we play,” admits Taeler.

Dream Home (image – Seven)

It’s a brash strategy that will pit them against Lara and Peter, who have accused the sisters of being “fake” and putting their place in the competition ahead of doing the best possible job for their fellow contestants and their dream homes.

Dream Home 7.00pm Sunday, continuing 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus, check local guides

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Kyle Laidlaw
Kyle Laidlaw
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  1. the reveal episode of the Melbourne houses won’t be shown in Melbourne until Monday 7.30pm, due to Seven’s live telecast of the AFL clash between Essendon and Carlton this Sunday night. It also means the next two episodes will air on Seven Melbourne on Tuesday and Wednesday, one night after Sydney and Brisbane.

  2. Taeler and Elle are selfishly ruthless putting competition ahead of a dream home for the home owner – I can’t believe they have no conscience it’s really hard to watch

  3. Really hard to watch 2 very selfish girls being in this show Mel n her partner true aussies that truly deserve their new home n all the extras great family so grateful for what u have given whilst over there in Watsonia there just rubbing there hands together don’t deserve even house being renovated. Sad choice u girls need a good look at yourselves

  4. Taeler and Elle are the most ungrateful and selfish people Ive ever seen on a tv show. They shouldn’t even be part of the show There are so many other people would be more grateful. To have this opportunity

    • How greedy selfish & evil. From seeing the magic of their own home to stepping out robbing the contestants off a fair chance and off a magical presentation of the qld home.
      Will be a long time in forgetting this pair. SMH

  5. I’m disgusted in those two sisters. I would NEVER hire the sister who is an apparent architect acting like an engineer. Being an awful person on National TV will hopefully steer away and potential customers she may have hoped to advertise herself to while on the show.

    • I know right?! How dumb of them…..having the greatest of opportunities for free advertising on peak hour TV (maybe the producers made them do it for increase of viewers)?! If so, (they agreed with production to put up a nasty and bitchy personality for views) that makes them morons!!!

  6. The 2 sisters havent thought about the impact their actions will cause them after the show is finished. Their careers are definitely on the line. I would never want either on my payroll, nor would I ever hire the architect as her integrity is non existent


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