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RECAP | Hannah and Jonny floored in a race to replace floorboards before reveals, on DREAM HOME

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Last night on Dream Home: Victorian sisters Taeler and Elle hit peak frustration with their tradies, while Queensland’s Hannah and Jonny suffered a major flooring setback on top of their already delayed timelines.

Watsonia Renovation

Homeowners: Taeler and Elle

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Renovators: Brad and Mel; Lara and Peter; Rhys and Liam

With three days to go, Brad and Mel underestimated the timeline their various trades would need. They still had to waterproof, plaster, and plumb their bathroom and powder room before they could start painting. Brad and Mel’s tradies worked hard into the night to install their bath. But it was an extremely snug fit, with the bath nestled tightly against the vanity. 

Lara was excited to see her living room fireplace arrive but continued to regret handing over two metres to Rhys and Liam for the kitchen, worried her furniture wouldn’t fit in the space. 

Meanwhile, Rhys and Liam’s state of the art invisible cooktop was installed, and the brothers considered it a game-changer, guaranteed to score them points from the judges. 

Dream Home team Jordan and Jacinta (image – Seven)

Northcote Renovation

Homeowners: Brad and Mel

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Renovators: Taeler and Elle; Hannah and Jonny; Jordan and Jacinta

Feeling the pressure of the competition, Taeler and Elle grew frustrated with their builder, Luca, who was talking to Jacinta about her work as a brow specialist instead of installing the bedhead she needed in 16-year-old Spencer’s bedroom. 

With the back extension still incomplete, Hannah and Jonny experienced major knock-on effects with their timelines but were determined to deliver their ambitious living room for Brad and Mel. The husband-and-wife team was making good progress at the front of the house on 18-year-old Bennet’s room when Jonny noticed the floorboards were bouncing heavily and would need to be replaced. 

With just two days until room reveals, Jordan and Jacinta realised all their efforts had gone into the kitchen, and worried that their dining space might disappoint the judges. 

Dream Home judges Simon Cohen, Lana Taylor and Rosie Morley (image – Seven)

Sunday night on Dream Home: The reveals are here! After weeks of blood, sweat and paint at Watsonia and Northcote, it all comes down to the judging.

Leading the charge is expert Three Birds Renovator Lana Taylor, alongside award-winning Interior Designer Rosie Morley, and one of Australia’s biggest buyers’ agents Simon Cohen.

Dream Home 7.00pm Sunday, continuing 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus 

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