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Guardian Reporter Ben Doherty In A Special Investigation; This Week on FOUR CORNERS

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A man accused by Rwandan authorities of participating in one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century is living in Australia’s suburbs, a joint Four Corners and Guardian Australia investigation has found. 

“Genocide isn’t a crime that grows old.” 

More than half a million people were killed during Rwanda’s genocide against its Tutsi minority in 1994.  

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Thirty years on, Guardian reporter Ben Doherty travels to Rwanda to investigate the allegations — and confronts the man accused of being involved in several killings, who is now an Australian citizen.  

The findings of the year-long joint Four Corners and Guardian investigation raise tough questions about Australia’s immigration screening processes. 

A Four Corners and Guardian Australia exclusive investigation.

​Read more at abc.net.au/news and theguardian.com/au from Monday and listen to Guardian Australia’s dedicated Full Story episode. 

The Wanted will air early on digital platforms on Monday 26 February 2024. Watch on ABC iview from 6.00am and ABC TV at 8.30pm

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Kyle Laidlaw
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