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MAFS RECAP | Genital Cupping Raises Eyebrows on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT

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Married at First Sight’s latest episode features a sexy photoshoot and a controversial genital cupping exercise. Read the full recap.

In Tuesday night’s episode of Married At First Sight, Intimacy Week has escalated emotions and interactions among the couples, notably between Ellie and Ben, whose evening devolved into discomfort after Ben’s insensitive mockery of Ellie.

This incident starkly contrasts with Tim and Sara‘s endeavor to reconcile their bond. Through an eye gazing exercise, they discover a newfound closeness, a beacon of hope following a turbulent Confessions Week.

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The expert of the show, Alessandra, introduces a variety of intimacy-enhancing tasks, with Eden finding joy in capturing Jayden in a sensually styled photoshoot. This artistic endeavour stands in relief against Jack and Tori‘s more unconventional genital cupping exercise, a method Tori hopes might bridge their physical intimacy gap and lead to the consummation of their marriage.

The narrative deepens as Alessandra convenes separate workshops for the brides and grooms, aiming to foster open dialogues about their relationships. Richard shares his feelings of high compatibility with Andrea, a positive note amid the complex dynamics at play. Conversely, Jack’s admission regarding his lack of sexual energy towards Tori introduces a wave of concern, particularly affecting Timothy, who fears for Tori’s emotional well-being, given her evident affection for Jack.

A critical moment unfolds when Alessandra inquires about Ben’s alignment with Ellie on the subject of children, a conversation that sees Ben visibly uncomfortable. This moment underscores the critical nature of such compatibility in relationships, hinting at potential deal-breakers.

The brides’ workshop reveals more about the internal states of the couples. Cassandra speaks to a cooling period with Tristan, attributing it to his mood swings. In contrast, Sara’s glowing review of her relationship with Tim highlights a positive development. However, the atmosphere shifts dramatically when Ellie shares her experience of being mocked by Ben, a revelation that shocks the group and prompts Alessandra to anticipate a significant discussion at the next Commitment Ceremony.

As the episode progresses, the couples delve deeper into their relationships with the aid of marital aids provided by Alessandra, leading to Ben’s revelation about his future desires—a moment of clarity that delights Ellie. The subsequent day brings Jack and Tori to a five-minute make-out session, aimed at igniting their physical connection. This event mirrors Cassandra’s intimacy challenges with Tristan, prompting Alessandra to plan an intervention.

As Intimacy Week draws to a close, the couples embark on romantic dates, each seeking to fortify their connections. Yet, for Tim and Sara, the outcome is less than favourable, marking a poignant end to the week’s endeavours.

Married At First Sight continues Wednesday night at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

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