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MAFS RECAP | Drama unfolds in MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Intimacy Week

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Married at First Sight’s latest episode sees Sara and Tim at odds, while Natalie and Collins say their final goodbyes. Full recap here.

In Monday night’s episode of Married At First Sight, the aftermath of the initial Commitment Ceremony has left ripples among the couples, with Sara expressing her disappointment towards Tim.

She felt betrayed by Tim’s comments during the phone swap challenge, accusing him of “throwing her under the bus.” Despite Tim expressing regret, he maintained his stance, arguing, “Her reaction was unsettling for me.

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Lucinda and Timothy‘s relationship faced turbulence as Lucinda confronted Timothy about his contradictory behavior. She struggled to reconcile Timothy’s ‘slow-burn’ claim with Richard‘s revelation that Timothy had boasted about his intentions for the first night during the bucks party. The confrontation led to Timothy storming off, only to return later that night, where the couple managed to reconcile their differences.

Tori and Jack reflected on their challenging session with the experts, where Jack’s past relationship, which overlapped with his application to the show, was scrutinized. Despite the revelations, Tori decided to focus on their future together, finding peace in moving forward with Jack.

The morning after saw Natalie and Collins waking up in separate apartments, a consequence of Natalie’s decision to leave during the Commitment Ceremony. Collins attempted to salvage their relationship by visiting Natalie, adhering to the experts’ advice. However, Natalie’s resolve to exit the experiment remained unchanged, leading to a final, awkward farewell between the two.

The introduction of Intimacy Week brought a mix of anticipation and apprehension among the participants. While Lauren and Jonathan navigated the discomfort of a genital cupping task, Richard took the opportunity during an eye-gazing exercise to express his fondness for Andrea. Meanwhile, Jack‘s revelation of his kinks during a ‘yes, no, maybe’ task left Tori taken aback. Despite a momentary breakthrough for Lucinda and Timothy during their eye-gazing task, tensions soon escalated, prompting an intervention from Expert Alessandra.

The episode culminated in a conflict between Lauren and Jonathan during their attempt at the eye-gazing exercise. Their subsequent effort to reconcile through a listening task failed, resulting in a heated argument that underscored their ongoing discord.

Married At First Sight promises more drama, with the series continuing Tuesday at 7:30 pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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