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Ewan McGregor is set to lead the cast in the much-anticipated drama series, A Gentleman in Moscow, scheduled for release in March on Paramount+.

This series, adapted from Amor Towles’ bestselling novel, charts the life of Count Alexander Rostov. Post-Russian Revolution, Rostov finds himself an outcast of the new regime, his former status now a burden.

Instead of facing execution, a Soviet tribunal confines him to an attic room within the grand Hotel Metropol, under the threat of death should he leave. Throughout the ensuing years, as pivotal events in Russian history play out beyond the hotel’s confines, Rostov embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

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Trapped within these walls, he forges new relationships and uncovers the depth of friendship, family, and love.

The cast is further bolstered by Mary Elizabeth Winstead portraying Anna Urbanova, a successful actress; Alexa Goodall as Nina, a young friend to the Count; Johnny Harris as Osip, a tormented secret police officer; and Fehinti Balogun as Mishka, Rostov’s university friend.

Supporting roles are filled by Leah Harvey, Paul Ready, John Heffernan, Lyès Salem, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, Dee Ahluwalia, and Anastasia Hille, contributing to the series’ dynamic and diverse ensemble.

A Gentleman In Moscow is produced by Lionsgate Television in collaboration with Paramount, with Ben Vanstone as the showrunner. This project marks the inaugural production under Lionsgate’s first-look deal with Tom Harper’s Popcorn Storm Pictures.

Harper, alongside Vanstone, McGregor, and other notable producers including Sharon Hughff and Pancho Mansfield, bring their expertise to the series. Amor Towles, the author of the novel, also contributes as an executive producer. The series benefits from the direction of Sam Miller and Sarah O’Gorman, who bring their acclaimed vision to the adaptation.

A Gentleman in Moscow premiere is set for Friday, March 29, exclusively on Paramount+.

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