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Channel 9’s MY WAY: Stories of Resilience & Passion

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Tune into Channel 9’s My Way for inspiring stories of innovation, passion, and community spirit.

This Sunday at 5.30pm, Channel 9 Queensland and 9Now will air an episode of “My Way,” showcasing stories of individuals who have taken unique paths in life, from soaring through the skies to exploring the depths of the ocean.

Featured is Lisa Bradley, the sole chief flying instructor for both paragliding and hang gliding in Australia and New Zealand, based at Oz Paragliding and Hang Gliding in Mount Tamborine. Her journey into the air is nothing short of remarkable, beginning with a life-changing accident at 20 when she was hit by a car driven by a tandem paraglide pilot. This twist of fate, followed by an invitation to fly, led her to a passionate career in flying sports.

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Brett Goodban shares his story of overcoming adversity after a severe case of viral pneumonia ended his diving career. Despite being told he would never dive again, Goodban’s resilient spirit found a new purpose at the Cairns aquarium, where he now works as a presenter, educator, and tour guide, immersing himself in the marine world he loves.

Jessica Wallrock is introduced as “antique royalty,” continuing her family’s legacy in the antique business with Wallrocks Antiques in Brisbane. With a history of international treasure hunting for Victorian furniture, Jessica’s efforts to preserve and celebrate historical pieces showcase her dedication to her family’s heritage.

Lastly, the episode features Amanda Rickard, a former home economics teacher who ventured into entrepreneurship with Stir and Stitch in Yeppoon. Her innovative concept blends cooking and sewing classes with the charm of high tea, creating a community hub for creative expression and social connection.

Tune in to “My Way” on Channel 9 Queensland and nationally on 9Now for these inspiring tales of passion, resilience, and innovation.

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