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ABC yours for the 2023 PACIFIC GAMES

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Some of the ABC’s favourite Pacific presenters will be based in Honiara throughout the 2023 PACIFIC GAMES, bringing to audiences an exciting schedule of live broadcasts and special programming.

This is the first time the Solomon Islands will host the Games and Honiara will be welcoming over 5,000 athletes competing from 24 participating countries.

The ABC will be providing live broadcasts and special programming on ABC Radio Australia and ABC Australia.  ABC Pacific online and social media accounts will offer around-the-clock competition results, interviews, and stories featuring the sporting stars of the games.

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That Pacific Sports Show hosts Sam Wykes, Tinirau Arona and Anna-Liza Mopio-Jane will give audiences a sneak preview of the competition venues, a tour of Honiara and talk to those in and around the Games. Episodes will air on ABC Australia on Wednesday 15 and 22 November at 6:00PM PNG time.

ABC Radio Australia’s Agnes Tupou and veteran sports broadcaster Richard Ewart will be broadcasting Pacific Beat from Honiara from 20 to 24 November and Jacob McQuire and Michael Chow from Nesia Daily will be hosting from 27 November to 1 December, with outside broadcasts from the heart of all the action, the National Stadium sports precinct.

During the Games Fresh Off The Field will be live daily from 27 November to 1 December, with host Bobby Macumber broadcasting from the National Stadium sports precinct in Honiara.  Bobby will talk to athletes, journalists, and locals as she captures the Honiara Games experience.

The ABC will also play an important role through its media development programs, supporting Pacific media covering the Games and telling Pacific stories. ABC International Development (ABCID) specialist commentators, mobile journalism storytellers and event planning specialists have been working with the national broadcaster, Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC), for much of this year building staff skills and the organisation’s capability to carry out its home host broadcaster role through its radio and online platforms.

ABCID will also oversee a team of Pacific and First Nations Australian women journalists and commentators to provide media support to SIBC. These women come fresh from having completed training at another major regional sporting event, the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Brisbane and are eager to work with their Solomon Islands’ colleagues. ABCID trainers will continue to mentor SIBC and the Pacific-Australia team throughout the Games. The two media development programs are funded by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Office for Sport.

ABC International Services Head Claire M Gorman said:

“We are excited to be sending our teams to the 2023 Pacific Games and supporting our fellow Pacific media partners to cover the biggest sporting event in the Pacific region.”

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Games Organising Committee (GOC) Board Chairman, Martin Rara thanked ABC for coming on board and partnering with the Games.

“I believe that having ABC provide live radio broadcast of the Games right throughout Pasifika is an added bonus for the Games and our coverage. We truly value ABC getting on board in helping us deliver a successfully memorable and historical Games,” Mr Rara said.

Head of ABC Sport Nick Morris said:

“I’m delighted our sports programs will be on the ground in Honiara talking to the stars of The Pacific Games. I know the teams are really excited to share all the colour and movement of the Games with audiences across the Pacific. and giving audiences some insights into.”

That Pacific Sports Show host Sam Wykes said:

“I can’t wait to be amongst the athletes, visiting fans and locals who will be in Honiara to celebrate the best that Pacific sport has to offer.”

Fresh Off The Field host Bobby Macumber said:

“It’s been an exciting lead up to the Games as we’ve been covering the preparations of many of the athletes, so it’ll be fantastic to continue to deliver special coverage of the results.”

ABCID commentary trainer Peter Longman said:

“The ABC has a long history of major sport event coverage whereas this is on a whole new scale for SIBC. It’s not just the athletes training hard – SIBC commentors and reporters are also honing their skills, preparing to do their best, and we are honoured to work together as partners.”


There are multiple ways to listen to ABC Radio Australia — live via internet streaming or in the Pacific through 24-hour FM stations.

2023 PACIFIC GAMES from 19 November to 2 December – Tune in Live or follow for episodes will air on ABC Australia on Wednesday 15 and 22 November at 6:00PM PNG time.

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