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The staggering impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) could have on our daily lives is revealed in a new documentary from Sky News Investigative Reporter Jonathan Lea.

Lea tracks down global leaders in the creation of AI technology to discover what these programs are capable of, and if we could one day lose control of civilisation as we know it.

Innovation doesn’t wait for mankind to be ready, so have we created our salvation, or our destruction?

The one-hour special sees Lea journey around the world to uncover the dramatic development of AI, speaking with whistle-blowers who helped create the technology, victims of terrifying new scams and the content pioneers who are using AI in never-before-seen ways, including de-aging Hollywood’s elite.

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The documentary also features an interview with the world’s most advanced human-like robot – Ameca – alongside Will Jackson, a former Australian special effects specialist who created this astonishing glimpse into the future.  

Jonathan Lea, Sky News Investigative Reporter said:

“There’s no doubt many are – and have been for some time – turning to ChatGPT, Alexa, Siri and other bots for daily convenience, but it’s important Australians have a clearer picture of what this technology is capable of, beyond supporting us to get through our day more efficiently.

“This documentary goes beyond the genuine fear that AI could undermine society. It examines what our lives will look like in twenty years, with some experts revealing AI is already the superior intellect on the planet and will soon be millions of times more intelligent than us.”

In ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE INVESTIGATED premieres on Tuesday 29 August at 8:00pm AEST on Sky News Australia,

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