SKY NEWS WEATHER welcomes new meteorologist BRADLYN OAKES

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Sky News Weather, Australia’s home of weather coverage, is expanding its team of dedicated weather specialists with the addition of meteorologist Bradlyn Oakes.

Bringing four years of expertise from working in the Canadian Arctic, including the Northern Lights capital of Yellowknife and the province of Saskatchewan, Oakes’s global weather insights will be a valuable asset to the Australian market. This appointment bolsters Sky News Weather’s position as the host of the largest team of meteorologists on Australian network television.

Oakes will work alongside Sky’s seasoned meteorologists Rob Sharpe and Alison Osborne. While Sharpe is renowned for his extensive knowledge in weather data analysis, predictions, and independent research, Osborne offers in-depth local expertise.

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As a former Maritime Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, specialising in meteorology, she has provided forecasts and tactical advice for ships and aircraft and supported the Australian Defence Force during severe weather events.

This expansion of the team aligns with the channel’s increased investment in weather reporting, in response to the growing viewer interest in weather events both in Australia and globally. The audience’s curiosity about the causes and impacts of specific weather incidents continues to drive the channel’s content strategy.

To enhance its in-depth coverage, Sky News Weather has scheduled new hourly bulletins, delivering a blend of Australian weather forecasts and international weather events. The channel has also begun deploying its team to various regions across Australia to provide firsthand reports on weather events and their impact on local communities.

Sky News Weather uses the resources of leading news agencies, including CNN, Associated Press, Reuters, Fox News, and Storyful, to deliver real-time footage of weather events worldwide, helping viewers understand the reasons and consequences of these occurrences.

In a bid to explain the causes of major weather events more effectively, the channel has also invested in graphic technology. Packages on flooding and tropical cyclones have been developed using this emerging technology, with plans to release more content around bushfires and thunderstorms.

Chris Willis, Head of News at Sky News Australia, stated,

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“While weather forecasting remains our primary focus, our viewers also want to understand the ‘why’ behind major weather events. Our enhanced graphic presentation and the expertise of our meteorologists enable us to meet this demand.”

Complementing the team of meteorologists are veteran news and weather presenters Lucy Polkinghorne and Rhiannon Elston, offering unparalleled weather analysis and insights across Sky News’ channels.

Tune into Australia’s Weather on Sky News Weather for the latest forecasts and weather insights.

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