THE SECRETS OF MY SUCCESS hosted by Ross Greenwood

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A new four-part series hosted by Sky News Business Editor Ross Greenwood tells the untold stories of some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, highlighting their journeys to the top and revealing what drives them.

The Secrets of My Success premieres on Sunday 18 June at 8pm AEST with a one-hour special featuring one-time stripper, now business mogul, Billy Cross. The creator of Manpower in Australia, his Thunder from Down Under male revue troop has been performing on the Las Vegas strip for 22 years.

The series starts with Greenwood heading to the United States to meet with Cross, take in the show and find out exactly what it takes to grow a multimillion-dollar entertainment empire from very humble beginnings.

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The series also features Betty Klimenko. Born to a Kings Cross sex worker, she was adopted by John Saunders, co-founder of the world’s largest shopping centre chain, Westfield. Her journey didn’t have an easy start, but she battled on to eventually become one of the most popular team owners in the male-dominated world of V8 Supercars, with her Erebus Motorsport going on to win the Bathurst 1000.

Richard White, one time guitar technician for famous bands including ACDC, The Angels and the Emmanuel Brothers shares his journey from exploring computer software in its very early days in Australia, to becoming Founder and CEO of WiseTech Global. He is now one of Australia’s richest men, yet still lives in the same house he was born in.

Viewers will also meet Simon Beard, the man behind streetwear brand Culture Kings, which has had A-list endorsements from the likes of Snoop Dogg. Beard, who started the business venture as a teenager in the Carrara Markets on the Gold Coast with partner Tah-nee, has recently stepped away from the brand’s day-to-day operations to focus on other entrepreneurial endeavours, but remains on the company Board.

Ross Greenwood said: “In this series you’ll learn that success rarely happens by accident. It happens because you have a determination to keep learning from your mistakes and a fundamental belief in your own skills, even if others underestimate you. It also demonstrates that once you have achieved financial success, you don’t simply give up and live off the proceeds. The Australian dream is all about loving what you do.”

The Secrets of My Success Programming Schedule:

  • Sunday 18 June at 8:00pm – Billy Cross, CEO and Founder, Cross Promotions
  • Sunday 25 June at 8:30pm – Betty Klimenko, Team Owner, Erebus Motorsport
  • Sunday 2 July at 8:30pm – Richard White, CEO and Founder, WiseTech Global
  • Sunday 9 July at 8:30pm – Simon Beard, Founder, Culture Kings

Australian entrepreneurs share their untold stories in new four-part series hosted by Ross Greenwood Sunday 18 June at 8:00pm AEST on SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA

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