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RECAP | Blindside and betrayal sees SHONEE FAIRFAX voted off AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR

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On Monday night’s survivor, George has cracked the SHIZ. Only 9 castaways remain. It’s S8 episode 17 of Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villain’s. Let’s recap.

Welcome to day 34, the light is at the end of the tunnel for our 9 castaways.

Nina and Shaun are seriously bummed post-tribal. The meat tray alliance has turned into the pity party is now down to 2 OG members; Shaun and Nina. After getting a tip off from Hayley, they successfully flushed both of their idols and their hopes of flipping the game on its head.

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Looking back, we’ve had a lot of bromances and BFF’s on Heroes vs Villains. Jordie and Simon, Sam and David, Gerry and George but let’s take a moment to talk about Shonee and Liz. They truly are the SHIZ and are talking about taking each other to the end.

Shonee and Liz, Fairfax, Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image - 10)
Shonee and Liz, Fairfax, Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image – 10)

George is ruffled by his discovery of being third-wheeled by the SHIZ alliance. Although we’re unsure why. SHIZ have been twinsies since Day 1 and in her premiere season, Shonee and her Champion vs Contender‘s BFF Fenella, carried each other to 4th and 6th place.

At the immunity challenge, Shaun, Simon and Hayley make the final 3 of a 3-phase challenge. Just like last episode of about balancing, we discover Simon is the reincarnation of American Sniper and wins his second immunity win in a row. Once again, he cannot be voted out tonight. George curses from the bench.

Simon Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image - 10)
Simon Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image – 10)

The vigilantes are choosing who to pick off next out of Nina and Shaun. Simon approaches them and his negotiating is nothing like his balance skills.

“I’ll join you guys but I want to pick who goes home.” Simon offers.

“Then you need to vote for Shaun, or your gone as soon as you lose immunity.” George warns.

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“Ok but I’d rather vote for Nina.” Simon shrugs.

The viewers all facepalm.

George’s decision making is about as sharp as Simon’s negotiating. He asks Gerry for advice about the prospect of voting out Shonee and when Gerry advises against it, he asks Hayley the same question and she agrees. Shonee’s gotta go.

George offers Nina an olive branch to vote out Shonee and together, the vigilantes featuring Nina send Shonee home with a secret idol in her pocket.

Shonee Fairfax, Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image - 10)
Shonee Fairfax, Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image – 10)

The smiling assassin is no more.

Third-time survivor player, Shonee is the 3rd member of the jury.

AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR: HEROES vs VILLAINS – continues Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday next week at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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