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RECAP | Devastating twist sees a beloved AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR player go home

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Welcome to Sunday night’s S8 episode 13 of Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. 13 castaways remain. You’re gonna want to put your phones down or you’ll miss the dramatic last minute twist. Let’s recap.

Is it merge yet? No. Is it merge yet? No. The contestants sound like impatient children on a road trip and JLP in the drivers seat tells them to calm down or they’ll have to deal with another inconvenient twist.

It’s day 20-something, they days are all blurring together for both castaways and viewers as we cross the halfway point of the game.

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George and Hayley, ep 13 Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image - 10)
George and Hayley, ep 13 Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image – 10)

Last night’s tribal saw Lizo veto herself from the supervillain’s and reunite with her fellow spice girls alliance – Shonee, George, Gerry and Stevie. Upon her return, Liz fills in the spice girls with gossip from the villain’s tribe. If it wasn’t for the “inconvenient” plot twist that saw Liz get swapped to the villain’s tribe; Hayley would have been blindsided and sent home.

This news annoys George. Hayley is part of his grand plan to gain Survivor victory. Despite being on opposite tribes the entire game, they have been feeding each other news during challenges. And they continue drop each other hints from the other side when George alerts Hayley mid-reward that Nina is orchestrating her blindside.

The supervillain’s muscle their way through reward challenge and win a trip to the exclusive Australian Survivor sandwich bar.

The Villains have to decide amongst themselves who should get served at the sandwich bar in which order. When on their own, one should look for a clue or an idol amongst the sandwich bar but being too thorough and not covering your tracks can seal your survivor fate much like Mimi and the cookie jar.

Sam, ep 13 Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image - 10)
Sam making the most of the sandwich buffet, ep 13 Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image – 10)

This isn’t a problem for Sam though. As the last person visiting the sandwich bar, he trashes the bar in search of a clue like an 80s rocker in a Vegas hotel. He leaves nothing but crumbs and finds no clue whatsoever. Oh well.

Back at Heroes camp, Matt notices Flick chumming up to Shonee and Liz. Matt’s always been heroes strong and loyal member of the meat tray alliance – Shaun, David, Sam and Matt. But Flick’s befriending of the former villains makes Matt decide screw heroes strong. He offers his services as a double agent to George.

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The immunity challenge is an endurance challenge with extra steps. It still confuses me though. Solving a puzzle somehow helps your team. Long story short, Nina annihilates Stevie in puzzle solving and the villain’s have won, again. The Villain’s march off in true undefeated Avenger style, leaving the scrappy suicide squad – the heroes – wondering who to vote for at tribal.

Fun fact: This is the first episode we have not heard a word from Simon.

Back at Heroes camp we’re seeing a very old-school game of survivor. Boys vs Girls. The boys are all planning to vote off Flick and the girls want to vote for Matt.

Heroes tribe, ep 13 Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image - 10)
Heroes tribe, ep 13 Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image – 10)

When Flick confronts George about how the vote is going, he tells her everyone is voting for Matt but this isn’t Flick’s first rodeo! “I spent 47 days with him in the outback. I know how he works.” She’s calling George’s BS. And she isn’t talking about Sports Bet.

The original Spice girls broke up in the year 2000. Will the Australian Survivor Spice Girls break up in Heroes vs Villains, episode 13?

Liz and Shonee are adamant about keeping Flick. When King George continues to swing his weight around the tribe, Liz threatens to use her idol to protect Flick. George groans. He can’t be too almighty or he’ll lose the girls for good, so consults with Old Spice – Gerry.

George asks Gerry a game changing question, who does he want to vote out between Matt and Stevie. Gerry is planning to take Shane Gould’s record as oldest winning survivor player ever. And the only other person threatening that title – and George’s love – is Stevie.

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Heroes tribe, ep 13 Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image - 10)
Little does Gerry know the fate of the game is in his hands, Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image – 10)

George offers a compromise to the girls, to save Flick by voting out Stevie.

The girls shrug.

The votes come rushing in. Flick. Matt. Flick. Stevie? Stevie? Stevie? Stevie?

Stevie, Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image - 10)
A very disappointed Stevie, Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Image – 10)

Oh no, it’s Fraser all over again. Another castaway is stuck a casualty of tribal cross fire.

Stevie is devasted, I am too. He’s so upset doesn’t say goodbye to anyone. They’re already dead to him. Who else is going to go up against Shaun in reward challenges with hilarious results? Guess it doesn’t matter anymore, with 12 players left, we’re probably going to merge.

Goodbye Stevie. Your elimination was:

“One hell of a plot twist”


Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains 2023 – continues Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

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