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RICHARD ROXBURGH explores the SCIENCE OF DRUGS in irreverent new series tonight on ABC

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The four-part series, Science of Drugs hosted by Richard Roxburgh, is drug science without the politics.

This fun, irreverent, and in-depth investigation of our most popular licit and illicit substances includes fascinating interviews with the finest international academics.

In the first episode, “Legal and Lethal,” nicotine and alcohol—two of our most lethal and widely consumed legal drugs—are explained scientifically. Each year, they collectively claim about 10 million lives.

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The modern cigarette has a fascinating history, which is essential to understanding how our nicotine habit changed into such a hazardous addiction, according to science historian Professor Robert Proctor. Smoking wasn’t always as dangerous.

Professor David Nutt, a government drug advisor in the UK, was infamously fired for saying that alcohol was more deadly than ecstasy and LSD. We learn why he believes alcohol to be the most dangerous drug in society today in this episode.

Production credit: Presented by Richard Roxburgh. Series Writer/Director: Anja Taylor. Executive Producers: Kate Pappas and Alan Erson. Produced by WildBear Entertainment in association with Australian Broadcasting Corporation. ABC Head of Factual and Culture: Jennifer Collins. ABC Executive Producer: Leo Faber.

Science of Drugs with Richard Roxburgh – Series 1, Episode 1 of 4 premieres Tuesday 16 August at 9.30pm on ABC

All four episodes of the Science of Drugs with Richard Roxburgh will be available at ABC iview from Tuesday July 16

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  1. Its very upsetting when you see a loved one Drinking alcohol like its water, I dont know how his still standing ,
    He walks , talks & works like his alcohol free , He knows he drinks a lot and admits it ,
    I don’t know how to help him .

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