Knife Throwing, Stone Skipping and Bed Races – ESPN embraces the world of wacky sports with THE OCHO 8

ESPN8: The Ocho takes over ESPN for 24 hours on Monday August 8, becoming the number one destination for ‘seldom seen sports’, with a marathon of the weird, wacky and wonderful sporting events from across the globe.

A mysterious traveller returns this week on AFTERTASTE


GRETA SCACCHI and BRYAN BROWN star in new Australian romantic drama DARBY AND JOAN

Darby and Joan tells the story of a retired Australian policeman with a dog as his only company and a widowed English nurse who meet each other and embark together on an epic odyssey in the outback of northern Australia.
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This week on Aftertaste, The West family is having trouble adjusting to the fact that they’ve run across someone they never expected to see again.

Denise’s efforts to get to the bottom of everything quickly devolve into an interrogation, despite the fact that they began with an attempt at being courteous during dinner.

It is clear that the answer is not straightforward: June is a mysterious person; she is a gypsy travelling who lives in an old campervan and leads a wandering life, but as she gets older, the appeal of her lifestyle is beginning to fade.

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June conjures the demons that already exist between the family members using a Ouija board, culminating in an admission from Diana that is shocking to Harry.

As the tensions continue to rise to a boiling point, the Wests launch a low-grade intelligence operation in an effort to discover the truth about June.

Aftertaste is a production of Closer for the ABC, in collaboration with the South Australian Film Corporation, and was financed with assistance from the ABC. Rebecca Summerton and Erik Thomson are the producers of this show. Matthew Bate is credited as the co-producer. Julie De Fina and Rachel Griffiths serve as executive producers. ABC Rebecca Anderson and Todd Abbott served as the show’s executive producers.

Aftertaste – Series 2, Episode 3 airs Wednesday 3 August at 9.10pm on ABC and iview

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