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RECAP | Another two fugitives captured close to the finish line on HUNTED AUSTRALIA

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With just a handful of days until extraction, the Hunters were hungry. On last night’s heart-stopping, penultimate episode of Hunted, the Hunters proved they eat fugitives for breakfast, ending both Lavinia and Matt’s time on the run.  

Following fiancé Nick’s capture by the Hunters, Lavinia found herself alone on a long bus ride to Melbourne, overwhelmed at the prospect of being on the run alone, with just $50 and a Myki card to her name.  

Trawling through Nick’s belongings, the Hunters surmised that Geelong may be Lavinia’s next destination. Having the ability to track the bus she was on, the Hunters knew that the bus would stop only once en route in the town of Drouin, but trusted that Lavinia would feel safe and stay aboard to Southern Cross Station.

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With multiple Ground Hunter teams deployed, as the bus pulled in, Team Delta pounced. Lavinia had nowhere to go, ending her time on the run.

Meanwhile, Stathi and Matt headed to Daylesford to attend the ChillOut Festival, a popular LGBTIQA+ festival in regional Victoria. The Hunters discovered an email between Stathi and popular drag star Dean Acuri, appealing to Dean for his help.

The Hunters started tracking Dean and intercepted a phone call from Stathi, with the coded message about a meeting somewhere in Daylesford, “where they first met Avery”.

While the Hunters scrambled for any connections to an Avery, we learned that this is in fact Stathi’s alter ego drag name and the location referenced is the laneway behind the Daylesford Hotel. Two Ground Hunter teams were immediately deployed.

Despite the risks of being in such a busy location, Stathi and Matt continued with their festival plan, confident that the community would have their backs.

The Ground Hunters spotted Dean, dressed in drag, waiting outside the front of the Daylesford Hotel, not the laneway behind that Stathi had specified. The Hunters waited and watched, ready to pounce. Having walked into town, Stathi and Matt separated, and observed from safe distances.

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Realising Dean’s mistake, a desperate Stathi risked his cover to get a message to pub goers in the rear beer garden to ask Dean to meet them two blocks up the street. When Dean received this information and made his way to the back of the pub, Stathi and Matt became nervous that their plan was unravelling.

Next minute, Stathi spotted Team Alpha’s car and a foot chase was on. Matt was run down by the Hunters on the main street, with Stathi managing to bolt in the opposite direction and escape.

Having made the tactical decision to split up, Jake and Rob are now travelling solo, and along with Stathi, are the last three fugitives on the run. Will the Hunters track them down before they make it to the extraction point?

Find out tonight in the epic grand finale! 

Hunted Finale, Tonight At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play. 

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