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It’s Australia’s most outrageous guessing game that is never short of surprises., so we’ve decided to give you three!

After the recent departure of Dannii Minogue, Jackie O and Urzila Carlson, Channel 10 has now confirmed a refreshed judging line-up for the 2022 season of The Masked Singer Australia.

Joining professional funny man Dave Hughes on the panel is global pop phenomenon Melanie Brown (aka Mel B), radio royalty Chrissie Swan and pop-culture icon Abbie Chatfield.

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Plus, host extraordinaire Osher Günsberg returns for the fourth season of Australia’s addictive singing competition.

World-renowned singing sensation Mel B is on her way Down Under to add some international spice to the country’s biggest guessing game. With a catalogue of celebrity connections, and a veteran in big scale talent show formats, Mel is the perfect addition to our superstar guessing panel.

Mel B said:

“Hello Australia. I have missed you so much but I am back and I can’t wait to get the party started with Hughesy, Abbie and Chrissie.

Let me tell you though, I am the best-ever game player and I have something up my sleeve that none of these guys have… I’ve hidden behind these masks as a competitor not once but twice.

So I’m bringing all my secret inside knowledge to this. But more to the point, I’m bringing the fun. Fasten your seatbelts everyone, it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride.” 

The Masked Singer-Australia Season 4 -Chrissie Swan, Abbie Chatfield, Mel B and Dave Hughes (image - Channel 10)
The Masked Singer-Australia Season 4 -Chrissie Swan, Abbie Chatfield, Mel B and Dave Hughes (image – Channel 10)

She’s undoubtably one of Australia’s most popular media personalities, and now the irrepressible Abbie Chatfield can add prime-time panelist to her already impressive resumé. 

On joining The Masked Singer Australia Abbie said:

“I am thrilled to be joining the panel! I’m the first to say I can be competitive and I’m so ready to put my pop culture knowledge to the test and guess who is under the mask. Bring on the clues!”

Chrissie Swan is bringing her warmth, intelligence, and humour to this year’s star-studded panel. As radio breakfast host, Chrissie is no stranger to hearing homegrown and international voices dominate the airwaves.

On joining this year’s panel, Chrissie said:

“I’m here to guess who is under the masks, I’m here to get them right and I mean business! And let’s face it, I couldn’t possibly be any worse than Hughesy at guessing them correctly!”

On returning to The Masked Singer Australia, Dave said:

“How lucky am I to already have three amazing years with a brilliant cast. I look forward to another season of so much fun with a stellar new guessing group. They are going to look for me for guidance. God help them.”  

This season you can expect more showstopping costumes, a varying range of singing prowess, behind the scenes secrecy that puts Get Smart to shame, a panel of pop culture junkies, and above all, a show that will leave you asking yourself: “What the hell did I just watch?”  

The Masked Singer Australia. Coming soon to Channel 10.  

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Kevin Perry
Kevin Perry
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