VIDEO | Guest calls PIERS MORGAN a C$$T on LIVE TV


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Live TV can be challenging.

A video has surfaced from the latest episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored where trans activist Jame, disguised to protect their identity, was welcomed to talk about the rights of transgender people and instead took the moment to call the host “a cunt”.

As soon as the slur was spoken the subject’s mic was turned off and the camera cut straight back to Morgan who apologised to his shrinking audience for the language.

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Ladbible are reporting the interview went for some time, with Morgan professing his support for the trans community – something Jame did not agree with. The interview ended with the final exchange as highlighted in the video below.

The ratings for the program on Foxtel’s Sky News Australia have raced to the bottom since it premiered last month. The first episode drew 86,000 viewers (winning the night on the subscription TV service), whereas last Friday the show drew less than 23,000 viewers and didn’t even register on the official OzTAM ratings reports.

Check out the clip from the interview below:

PIERS MORGAN UNCENSORED airs Tuesday to Friday on Sky News Australia.

Additional reporting by Kevin Perry.

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Steve Molk
Steve Molk
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