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New crime series exposes THE CLUES THAT CAUGHT THE KILLER

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A forensic dive into Britain’s most terrifying murders.

The Clues That Caught the Killer is a captivating three-part documentary series that dissects Britain’s most shocking murders.

And, in the face of gang violence, a lack of forensic evidence, and witnesses too terrified to speak, reveals how a team of hardworking investigators ultimately delivered justice for the victims and their devastated families.

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The cases include the savage slaying of Sadie Hartley, the hunt for Britain’s most notorious serial killers—Fred and Rosemary West, and the murder of Rhys Jones—an 11-year-old schoolboy gunned down on his way home from football practice.

THE CLUES THAT CAUGHT THE KILLER – Season 1 Australian Premiere airs Tuesday March 29 at 8.30pm on CRIME + INVESTIGATION or watch On Demand

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