Ratings 2021 | Network 10 points to successes in demographics


Network 10 (10, 10 Peach, 10 Bold, 10 Shake and 10 Play) in 2021 

  • I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! was January’s #1 show. 
  • Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn up 7%. 
  • Have You Been Paying Attention? was TV’s biggest 8.30pm show. 
  • Gogglebox Australia was commercial TV’s second biggest 8.30pm show. 
  • Celebrity MasterChef Australia was11% bigger than Junior MasterChef Australia
  • The Bachelorette Australia was 10 Play’s biggest series in 2021. 
  • Oprah With Meghan And Harry was TV’s #1 special entertainment event. 
  • 2021 Lexus Melbourne Cup Race was 10 Play’s biggest ever live stream audience. 
  • 10 had more of the top entertainment programs in key demographics – eight of the top 15 in 16 to 39s and six of the top 15 in under 50s and 25 to 54s.  
  • 10 Play was up 12%. 
  • 10 Shake was the #1 commercial multi-channel in kids and daytime. Up 28%. 
  • 10 Bold was the #2 commercial multi-channel in total people. 
  • 10 Peach was the #1 commercial multi-channel in 16 to 39s. 

Network 10 continued to capture the attention and imagination of audiences and the key advertising demographics in 2021 with a 28.8% share in under 50s, 30.3% in 16 to 39s and 28.9% share in 25 to 54s.  

Network 10’s share has grown since 2019, up 1.2 points in total people, 3.0 points in 16 to 39s and 2.4 points in 25 to 54s. 

With over 58% of 10’s audience under 55 and an audience five years younger than that of its commercial competitors, it has more of the top programs in key demographics, boasting eight of the top 15 programs in 16 to 39s and six of the top 15 in under 50s and 25 to 54s.  

10’s audience is not only younger, but also more affluent. 59% of 10’s audience have a household income over $90,000 a year, compared to 50% of Nine’s audience and just 45% of Seven’s. 

In 2021, Virtual Australia (VOZ) revealed the true total audiences of 10’s key programs. Compared to their metro overnight audience, programs like Australian SurvivorHave You Been Paying Attention?The Masked Singer Australia and Gogglebox Australia gained over 60% more audience with the inclusion of on demand, live stream and regional viewing. 

10 had strong performances across its prime-time franchises: 

  • I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! dominated summer. It was the #1 show in January, with a national total audience of 1.17 million tuning in. Celebrating its highest ever commercial shares, with a massive 41% commercial share in under 50s, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! won its timeslot every single night. It also enjoyed its biggest ever 7 Day Total audience and its biggest ever BVOD audience, up 14%. 
  • Oprah With Meghan And Harry reigned as the #1 special entertainment event of 2021 boasting a national total audience of 2.36 million. #1 in its timeslot, it was 10’s biggest prime time special audience since 2011. Plus, it was crowned the biggest ever program on 10 Play with 421,000 viewers. 
  • Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn touted a national total audience of 1.08 million, up 7%. It achieved its biggest ever on demand audience (up 19%) and its biggest ever live stream audience (up 191%). It was 10 Play’s #2 series of 2021 and 10’s #2 regular program of 2021 in 16 to 39s. 
  • Have You Been Paying Attention? had audiences paying attention with a national total audience of 1.09 million. #1 in its timeslot, Have You Been Paying Attention? was commercial television’s biggest regular 8.30pm program. It also delighted in its biggest ever on demand audience (up 84%), as well as its biggest ever live stream audience (up 45%). 
  • The Masked Singer Australia not only unmasked the biggest local and international stars in 2021, but it also unmasked a national total audience of 960,000. It was #2 in its timeslot in under 50s and 16 to 39s. It revelled in its biggest ever BVOD audience (up 35%). 
  • Gogglebox Australia was #1 in its timeslot, with a national total audience of more than 936,000 tuning in to see their favourite couch critics. Enjoying its biggest ever BVOD audience (up 22%), Gogglebox Australia was commercial television’s second biggest regular 8.30pm program. 
  • Todd Sampson’s Mirror Mirror reflected a national total audience of 922,000 and was #1 in its timeslot in under 50s, 16 to 39s and 25 to 54s. It recorded the biggest ever audience for a factual series on 10 since 2016. 
  • MasterChef Australia cooked up a national total audience of 918,000. #1 in its timeslot in 16 to 39s and #2 in total people, under 50s and 25 to 54s, MasterChef Australia also enjoyed its biggest ever live stream audience (up 29%). 
  • The Amazing Race Australia was #2 in its timeslot and attracted a national total audience of 875,000. It also profited from its biggest ever BVOD audience, up 74%. 
  • Celebrity MasterChef Australia cooked up a national total audience of 865,000, up 11% compared to Junior MasterChef Australia in 2020. It was #2 in its timeslot in total people, in under 50s, 16 to 39s and 25 to 54s. Its BVOD viewers were up 81% on Junior MasterChef Australia.   
  • The Dog House Australia found its fur-ever home on 10 with a national total audience of 850,000. #2 in its timeslot in total people, under 50s, 16 to 39s and 25 to 54s, it lifted 10’s Tuesday timeslot by 19%. 
  • The Bachelor Australia took flight with a national total audience of 729,000. It was #1 in its timeslot in 16 to 39s. It was also popular among the younger demographics, placing in the top 10 shows in 16 to 39s. 
  • 2021 Lexus Melbourne Cup Race crossed the finish line with a national total audience of 1.88 million. It was #1 in its timeslot with an 83.4% commercial share and also boasted its biggest ever live stream audience on 10 Play, up 17%. 
  • Football: Socceroos vs. Saudi Arabia kicked goals with a national total audience of 609,000. It was #1 in its timeslot in total people, under 50s, 16 to 39s and 25 to 54s. It also had the biggest ever football audience on 10 Play. 
  • The Bachelorette Australia found its happily ever after with a national total audience of 582,000 and was #1 in its timeslot in 16 to 39s. BVOD viewers were up 13%. It found love as 10 Play’s biggest series in 2021.
  • The Cheap Seats proved you don’t need the best seats in the house to secure a national total audience of 508,000. #1 in its timeslot in 16 to 39s and 25 to 54s, it lifted 10’s Tuesday timeslot by a massive 24%. 
  • 10 News First continued to inform with a national total audience of 502,000. #1 in its timeslot in 25 to 54s, it also experienced its biggest ever live stream audiences, up 64%. 
  • The Project delivered news differently with a national total audience of 480,000. The Project 7pm was #1 in its timeslot in under 50s, 16 to 39s and 25 to 54s. It is TV’s youngest skewing evening news and current affairs show, with its average viewer aged 10 years younger than its competitors. Plus, it had its biggest ever live stream audiences on 10 Play, up 53%.  
  • The Living Room enjoyed a national total audience of 449,000 and was #2 in its timeslot in women. It also enjoyed its biggest ever BVOD audiences, up 11%. 

Network 10’s digital audiences grew this year with 10 Play experiencing its biggest year ever, up 12% year-on-year. Its growth can be attributed to additional exclusive premium content and locally commissioned programs being added to the platform, as well as record BVOD audiences for 10 shows.  

10 Play’s registered users have grown 44% so far in 2021 to 4.82 million and are on course to grow to over 5 million by the end of 2021.  

The following shows have achieved their biggest BVOD audiences ever:  

  • Have You Been Paying Attention? up 74% on 2020. 
  • How To Stay Married up 67% on 2020. 
  • 10 News First up 64% on 2020. 
  • The Project up 53% on 2020. 
  • Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn up 36% on 2020. 
  • The Masked Singer Australia up 35% on 2020. 
  • Gogglebox Australia up 22% on 2020. 
  • I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! up 14% on 2020. 
  • The Living Room up 11% on 2020. 
  • The Lexus Melbourne Cup was 10 Play’s biggest ever live stream audience, up 17% on 2020. 

10 Bold was the #2 commercial multi-channel and #2 in its target demographic of people over 40.

10 Peach was the #1 commercial multi-channel in its target demographic of 16 to 39s, and its prime-time audience was up 1% on 2020.

10 Shake was up 28% in prime-time, up 56% in daytime and was the #1 commercial multi-channel in kids in daytime.

Across Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and 10 Shake, 10 ViacomCBS boasts the #1 commercial kids’ channels on television, commanding an 83% share of daytime kids’ commercial TV channels viewing. 

10 Play Continues To Break Records: 

  • Total minutes viewed up 12% compared to the same point of 2020.
  • Live streamed minutes viewed up 22% compared to the same point of 2020.
  • Registered users up 44% so far in 2021 to 4.82 million. 
  • 9,300 hours of content available to watch. Number of series up 56% compared to the same point of 2020.

Beverley McGarvey, Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President, ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand, said:

“Our content across all platforms in 2021 provided us with growth and strong shares in the key advertising demographics. From I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! to Australian Survivor, Have You Been Paying Attention?, The Dog House Australia and Celebrity MasterChef Australia saw our tentpole programs all deliver strong audiences in those key demographics. 

“We are extremely proud of our programming across our platforms. It is premium, bold, courageous, engaging and innovative. We take risks and we will continue to do so, because for us as a business, it is integral we continue to reflect all Australians, both in front of and behind the camera. 

“Our position as leaders in escapist entrainment was further strengthened this year as we delivered a consistent 50-week schedule. Our content continued to resonate with viewers. Content that is familiar, brand-friendly, celebrates and rewards talent and achievement, and taps into the under 50s.  

“We reached more than 15 million Australians every month. Not only is 10 Play having its biggest year ever, up 12%, but 2021 also saw the successful launch of our SVOD platform – Paramount+ which surpassed all expectations. We continue to provide unique, innovative and seamless integration opportunities across all our platforms.  

“Our ability to evolve and meet the demands of the market and our viewers is reflected in our revenue share and growth. This momentum and motivation to make premium entertainment content across all platforms, will only continue in 2022. 

“And, we will continue to make very significant investments in all content across all our platforms. Our balance sheet allows us to take advantage of short-term tactical opportunities while maintaining a long-term vision. We are interested in serving our audiences and clients today and into the future across all distribution platforms and are very well placed to do so.” 

Rod Prosser, Chief Sales Officer, ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand, said:

“2021 saw several of our tentpole programs across both linear and BVOD gain share in our key demographic of under 50s. 

“VOZ has revealed the hidden audience – the incremental reach that brings back the viewers we never lost. 

“Our ability to efficiently and effectively target our key demographic of under 50s, has ensured that not only is our total premium revenue across our key prime-time franchises up on 2020, but our revenue share has continued to grow in 2021.  

“Clients, wanting to target the key advertising demographics in a consistent and brand-safe environment, have activated more integrated partnerships than ever before, more efficiently with less wastage. 

“In 2022, we will be back with a schedule that is confident and consistent boasting another 50 weeks of programming entertainment strategy, which will all kick off with Julia Morris and Chris Brown putting celebrities through their paces when I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! premieres on Monday, 3 January.” 

Beverley added:

“We would like to thank our production partners, sponsors and clients for their continued support this year. We are looking forward to continuing and growing these partnerships in 2022.

“We would also like to thank our amazing team across all our brands and platforms for their incredible passion, hard work and creativity.”

Note: Due to an ongoing dispute regarding editorial independence, the 10 Network and its parent company ViacomCBS declined to provide assistance with the preparation of this content.





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