New NEIGHBOURS episodes set to air in the UK BEFORE Australia in 2022


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It will be the first time ever in Neighbours history that another country will air brand new episodes before Australian viewers get to see them.

Back to the Bay reported today that beginning in 2022, new episodes of Australian-filmed soap opera Neighbours will air in the UK before they screen in Australia.

It’s the first time in the show’s 36-year history that Australian fans will be behind viewers from overseas.

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Channel 5, the broadcaster which screens Neighbours in the UK, confirmed the news and for it to begin very early in 2022.

It comes after 10 Peach began airing only four episodes of Neighbours throughout the week from July, compared to Channel 5 which continued to air across five days, playing catch up with the land down under when it fell behind during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With 10 Peach set to continue with this four-day schedule next year, the UK will surpass Australia’s airing of Neighbours on Friday, January 7, 2022, and thus become the first place in the world to screen new episodes from then.

It also means Australia will fall further and further behind its overseas counterpart as the program moves one episode ahead each week in the UK.

At this stage, it is unclear if Channel 5 will take breaks to bring Australia back up in sync.

Neighbours celebrated its 35th anniversary last year (image – 10)

Neighbours currently airs Monday to Thursday on 10 Peach, dropping its Friday episode in favour of Friends reruns from July.

The decision to let Australia fall behind in viewing the program comes with many concerns for both fans, and 10.

With new episodes debuting elsewhere, spoilers will no doubt surface online and as the show grows further behind, complete storylines and character entries/exits will be available at a moments notice.

The dramatic anticipation for what will happen next will certainly be somewhat diluted.

Another concern, but this time for 10, is the possibility of lower ratings for the program as it airs on a growingly-delayed schedule.

Some fans may choose to turn to downloading/streaming the episodes through other means, and therefore skip the Australian broadcast. And of course, with spoilers readily available, some may choose to tune out on occasion if aware of the contents of the episode anyway.

Last night the show earned only 129,000 metro viewers, a number like that may drop to only five figures next year.

Still, Neighbours is one of Australia’s most beloved soaps and has a fierce and loyal fanbase that will demand for answers from 10 on why they would let the show slip behind.

10 were contacted for comment.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm, Monday to Thursday on 10 Peach.

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Matthew Simmonds
Matthew Simmonds
Matthew Simmonds is a journalist and blogger, with a keen interest in the world of Reality TV. He loves exploring both what’s happening in front of the camera but also how the magic comes together behind the scenes. If not glued to the TV bingeing one of the newest obsessions or a timeless series, you’ll find Matthew endlessly scrolling through Twitter (and he may even tweet a time or two). Matthew graduated from a Bachelor Degree in Communication, majoring in Journalism, at the Queensland University of Technology in 2022.



  1. The Decision to continue to screen Neighbours 4 Days A Week In Australia is bloody stupid Australian Viewers want the show back 5 Days A Week In January 2022 we don’t want spoilers to float through from The UK we want to see the episodes on the same day as them so come on Network 10 Be sensible

    • Yes it makes no sense uk have caught up now and isn’t neighbours filmed in Australia
      This makes me so mad I’m sorry but I want neighbours to be on Fridays again because it’s my favourite show I’m used to getting home in time just to watch it please put it back on Friday’s

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