Two week suspension for MATT DORAN after ‘poorly-researched’ ADELE blunder


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It has been revealed Weekend Sunrise host Matt Doran was suspended for two weeks by Channel 7 after conducting a poorly researched interview with Adele.

According to a media report published in The Sunday Telegraph, Weekend Sunrise presenter Matt Doran was suspended by his employer for two weeks after recording a disastrous interview with Adele ahead of the release of her new album 30.

It’s understood Doran filmed a 20-minute interview with Adele earlier this month in London. However, things turned sour after Adele observed the former crime reporter had failed to ask a single question about her new album.

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Doran was then forced to admit he hadn’t bothered to listen to the album despite the record company supplying him with a special advanced preview copy.

Channel 7 had planned to broadcast the Australian exclusive interview as a primetime Sunday night special last weekend, but was forced to change plans after Adele’s management, Sony Music used its veto powers to block the train wreck interview from ever being broadcast.

TV Blackbox understands Doran travelled to the UK with a Channel 7 producer for the interview in early November.

Matt Doran presents Weekend Sunrise with Monique Wright (image - Channel 7)
Matt Doran presents Weekend Sunrise with Monique Wright (image – Channel 7)

Doran returned to presenting the Sunrise program on Saturday after having been missing for the last two weekends. It’s understood the presenter was reprimanded by angry network bosses and suspended from appearing on-air for 2 weeks after the costly blunder.

The exclusive Adele interview had been secured by Channel 7 as part of a broader package which also includes the highly anticipated Adele One Night Only special featuring concert footage and a conversation with Oprah Winfrey.

Channel 7 has high hopes for tonight’s Adele special. A similar Oprah interview with Meghan Markle earlier this year delivered Channel 10 a national average audience of more than 1.78 million viewers. It has been reported Seven invested close to $1 million to secure broadcast rights for the Adele TV package.

The two-week suspension for Matt Doran comes after Melbourne news reporter Georgia Love was suspended from on-air duties in September after a posting an ‘offensive joke’ on her private Instagram page. Seven is yet to provide an indication when Love will be allowed to return to an on-air role.

TV Blackbox has approached Channel 7 for comment.

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Kevin Perry
Kevin Perry
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  1. Matt Doran is a terrible host, he has many times talked over people, cut them short and it seems all about him.

    • yeh just its his job, he is flown around the world and gets paid big sums for just chatting with people. maybe thats why his employer isnt happy? just a guess

    • It’s not about Adelle. It’s about him not doing his job. He was flown to the UK and he couldn’t even be bothered to listen to the CD? That’s just lazy arrogance

  2. It’s not his fault maybe he is not a fan of Adele like me😀 it’s his boss’s fault he should sent someone knows and listen to Adele🥱 and also it’s not the end of world everyone makes mistakes😊😇

  3. I can’t believe Matt Doran is so lazy – it’s his job, he gets paid to present & would have travelled to another country to meet with her (Adele) and he didn’t even do proper research? What did he do? I love Adele. He’s a goof for being caught out! Very unprofessional!

    • Called REdisgusted disgusted DO YOUR RESEARCH …Doesn’t matter whom your interviewing. LAZY ARROGANT disrespectful

  4. What did he think he was there for? Just a general chat? When does that ever happen? I’m glad they kicked his butt over this. Deserved it.

  5. Ahh well it’s just adele her music isn’t that great anyway and matt didn’t miss out on much her new album to be honest is pretty meh and not enjoyable at all!!!!!

  6. Since when interview flow is dictated by interviewee, and worse still by interviewee manager or company. If singers want free publication guaranteed, they should do and pay for advertisement themselves. Not get paid.

  7. Whether Matt likes or doesn’t like Adele he was getting paid to interview her in regards to her new Album
    He shouldn’t have allowed his personal views to interfere with his job
    That’s unprofessional
    He’s a reporter
    He’s paid to report not to tell us about his personal views
    So yes I agree he should get reprimanded
    He was paid to fly over there interview Adele about her new album that didn’t happen!

    • Like anyone else you get paid to do a job and if it’s not up to scratch you get reprimanded. You don’t just get paid because you think you’re entitled to it.

  8. Should have done it as a zoom call rather than wasting all that money on flights etc. What a joke.

  9. Hello Mat, I’m so sorry to read this post on you. I feel your regarded as a very highly professional presenter. I enjoy watching you and Mon on weekend sunrise. Your fun and witty yet truly a lovely guy. You always present yourself in a lovely way.
    What a load of rubbish. And, yes I agree with other comments that Adel is not royalty just a normal person. Like everyone. But, she does have talent with her singing but definately not my cup of tea !!

  10. Total lack of respect and has dishonoured his reputation and co workers, not to mention the financial costs he’s caused – sack him.

  11. Bad mistake by Matt, but I still think he’s great on Sunrise & other specials that he’s done for Channel 7.
    The new album doesn’t do much for me, but that’s personal taste.
    Keep giving it your all Matt!

  12. After watching him interview a professor regarding anti vaccine folk.Matt had such a bad attitude in interview blaming everything on anti vaccine folk. Your attitude was shameful ,pompous,& disrespectful.

  13. I am disappointed to read so many people have bagged Adel and her singing. She is a wonderful person & a world superstar BUT always remains humble & down to earth. No one can sing Skyfall like her! Chanel 7s action regarding the unforgivable performance, (which by the way as some suggested, is NOT a mistake) but Dorans punnishment is fair & appropriate. Dr Thomas Smith.

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