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Special two-part documentary CHINA RISING with Peter Stefanovic premieres tonight


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As Australia-China relations rise to unprecedented levels of discord, Sky News anchor and investigative journalist Peter Stefanovic presents a landmark two-part documentary China Rising.

The special investigation examines the critical impact the rise of China is having on Australia and the world, and whether “the drums of war” can really be heard.

China is one of the oldest living civilizations on earth. Its history extends back thousands of years, and along the way there have been many monumental turning points. Now, China is turning once again. But this time it‘s different.

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Across two nights, the documentary will feature interviews with some of Australia’s biggest political figures, including former Australian Prime Ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott, former Minister for Foreign Affairs Bob Carr and Federal Minister for Defence Peter Dutton.

There will be insights from foreign policy experts and international decision makers, including Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, former US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, and foreign policy analyst Peter Jennings, as they weigh in on relations with China under President Xi Jinping.

With a regime determined to ensure China takes its ‘rightful position’ as the world’s greatest superpower, and as the Chinese Communist Party marks its centenary year, China Rising will explore the origins of Australia’s relationship with China, and why it is now in its worst state ever, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Peter Stefanovic said:

“Since President Xi Jinping came to power there have been unprecedented levels of interference and espionage on Australian soil. Politicians have been corrupted, even the headquarters of our democracy have been targeted.

The threat to Australia’s sovereignty has never been greater. Canberra has rightfully pushed back, but as a result, the diplomatic relationship is at an all-time low. We take a deep dive into where Xi has come from, and ultimately, where he is going – and it should cause us great concern.” 

The documentary also hears calls for the increasingly heated rhetoric to be toned down and for key players to find a way forward from the current tensions. For Australia especially, there are extraordinary economic benefits from closer ties with China.

The special investigation airs at a critical point, coming in the wake of the newly signed AUKUS pact between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, and the agreement to equip Australia with nuclear-powered submarines.

Such military and diplomatic manoeuvres are seen as a clear and necessary response to the rise of China, and the threat it poses to peace in our region. The program will examine growing concerns over China’s aggressive militarisation in the South China Sea, and its ambition to take control of Taiwan.

It will also look at President Xi Jinping’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative, and hear from Australian farmers and winemakers about the crippling tariffs and trade restrictions imposed on many Australian exports.

CHINA RISING – Available to watch on Foxtel and Sky News Regional, or stream on Flash

Part 1: Tuesday November 16 at 8pm AEDT

Part 2: Wednesday November 17 at 8pm AEDT

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