BRIAN COX returns with brand new series UNIVERSE


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Deep space. High drama. Take a front row seat for the greatest show in the universe.

From the makers of The Planets comes Universe with Brian Cox.

Rogue planets, fossilised stars, black holes more massive than a million suns. Huge advances in our understanding of the Universe mean that for the first time we can take you to places we didn’t even know existed just ten years ago.

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In this new series, we come face to face with the Universe’s most surprising characters and reveal how their fates are intertwined with our own.

Across five episodes, Professor Brian Cox roams the vastness of space and time uncovering exquisite moments of sheer drama that changed the Universe forever. We’ll watch the birth of a star in a stellar nursery, experience the power of a supermassive black hole as it consumes an entire planet, and witness the chaos created as another galaxy collides with our own galaxy, The Milky Way.

We’ll even travel back in time to the day without a yesterday – to witness the very beginning of time and space itself in the moment of its inception – to a time before the Big Bang.

Production credits: BBC Studios Production with NOVA and GBH Boston for BBC, PBS, Xigua Video and Bytedance and China Media Group CCTV9. Executive Producers Andrew Cohen (Wonders of the Solar System), Gideon Bradshaw (Human Universe, Inside the Human Body)

Universe with Brian Cox – Monday 15 November 8.30pm on ABC and iview

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