Is Channel 10 heading the way of the dodo? | Sam Frost backflips on COVID-19 vaccine | Tammin Sursok


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It’s a full house today as the team deep dives into Ten’s ratings… and it’s not good news. PLUS Tammin Sursok gets candid about her eating disorder and making it in Hollywood | TV Blackbox S06E16

We know The Project is underperforming on Channel 10, but how does the rest of their programming stack up? Rob takes us through the numbers.

Is all forgiven now that Sam Frost has announced she will be getting the COVID-19 vaccine, after Seven introduced mandatory double vaccination for all employees.

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And, did Michael Clarke or Today break any Codes discussing an alcohol endorsement?

All that, and more, in the edition of the TV Blackbox Podcast.

In this episode:

  • 2.00 – Channel 7 to take full control of Prime TV
  • 5.54 – Channel 10 rating analysis
  • 12.43 – The ratings race
  • 19.36 – The new quotas that could be introduced to streaming platforms
  • 21.24 – Sam Frost backflips on her vaccine stance
  • 24.11 – Michael Clarke’s questionable Today Show appearance
  • 27.27 – Hatches and dispatches
  • 29.04 – Tammin Sursok
  • 49.13 – TV Bingebox
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Abbey Mikkelsen
Abbey Mikkelsen
Abbey Mikkelsen is a producer of the ANJ, ROB & ROBBO SHOW, having worked previously at STUDIO 10 as the Production Assistant. She is a writer and producer of the TV BLACKBOX podcast, and contributor to the TV Blackbox website. She is also the host & executive producer of the PLAYING IT BY EAR podcast. For all media enquiries, please contact Abbey via: [email protected]



  1. Is 3 free to air networks to much for Australia ? That’s laughable after Sky Regional getting in .
    Are you getting in to politics now???

  2. Those poor souls who host The Project must wonder where they went wrong. Not only having to listen to the scripted lame jokes but having to laugh at them and appear so, so amused but having to rehearse it all so any spontaneity that was to be had, quickly evaporates.
    Rachel Corbett appears to have perfected this. Hilarity, however forced, is to be found as a tag to the unfunniest gag.
    Lisa is very keen on saying, ‘moving on now’ as if to distance her own apparent pious agenda from the rest of the clowns.
    I used to really like Claire Hooper. Back when she appeared to be herself. Now she is trying to be someone else.
    Waleed intellectualises everything but at least he doesn’t have electrodes attached to his nether regions any longer, forcing him to be ‘funny’. His somewhat dry humour is funny naturally.
    Carrie and Pete seem to have seen the light. The ship is sinking, what have I got to lose? Why not just me myself.
    It is refreshing to see. I truly hope the rest follow their lead.
    Viewers, especially Australian viewers can smell a fake at forty paces.

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