Wednesday Ratings | THE BACHELORETTE AUSTRALIA delivers pitiful ratings, sinking to a new low


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Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. Those BACHELORETTE numbers. Oh man.

A Current Affair (697,000) and The Block (861,000) rule their respective roosts, the latter by an unassailable margin. Love Island Australia (252,000) draws its usual overnights, and Botched: Most Memorable Celebrity Patients (107,000) was there for fans of bad plastic surgery only.
Nine first in both primary (21.5%) and network (31.9%) rankings.

Seven’s best was, unbelievably, Home and Away (583,000). A double repeat of Highway Patrol (415,000; 387,000) did nothing for their primetime chances, and then America’s Got Talent (282,000) did nothing for their later/late night hopes either.
Seven second in both primary (18.4%) and network (25.9%) rankings.

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ABC have a reliable line-up, with the 7:30 (516,000)/Hard Quiz (549,000) double doing business good enough to take a definite second place. Gruen (647,000) super strong, though down year on year and on last week. The finale of
Frayed (220,000) leads out a repeat of Back (111,000) and a new ep of Adam Hills: The Last Leg (75,000).
ABC third in both primary (13.3) and network (17.8%) rankings.

The Project (207,000 6:30pm; 340,000 7pm) continues to suck the big one for 10 in Q4, to the point where serious questions should be asked about its longevity. The Bachelorette Australia (253,000) finds itself at its lowest numbers ever, and tomorrow night is looking pretty shaky – this is lower than Making It Australia was before 10 canned it. The network is in a real pickle – expect an ‘all-new’ time for the program any time soon. A new ep, then two repeats, of Bull (178,000; 155,000; 107,000)
might keep the US bosses happy however only a few fans here tune in.
10 fourth in both primary (8.6%) and network (14.9%) rankings.

Wednesday on SBS rolled out with the finale of Australia’s Health Revolution (216,000), then 24 Hours in Emergency (194,000) and a repeat of Railways of the Western Front (106,000).
SBS fifth in both primary (5.9%) and network (9.4%) rankings.


16-39: The Block (170,000) stands atop Seven News 6:30pm, Gruen, Seven News 6pm, and The Bachelorette Australia.

18-49: The Block (326,000) led, followed by Seven News 6:30pm/6pm, and Nine News 6:30pm/6pm.

25-54: The Block (389,000) brings home the triple demo win, chased by Nine News 6:30pm/6pm, and Seven News 6:30pm/6pm.


For Your Eyes Only (145,000) on 9Gem saw Bond take the multi-channel race on Wednesday.


The Today Show (236,000)
Sunrise (228,000)
ABC Breakfast (205,000 (113,000 ABC; 92,000 ABC News))


The Total TV figures don’t change the primetime line-up. The Block (Nine) lifted 25% to 1,463,000; The Bachelorette Australia (10) lifted 51% to 754,000;
and Highway Patrol (Seven) lifted 5% to 659,000.

The BVOD best were Love Island Australia (240,000), The Block (200,000), The Bachelorette Australia (187,000), and Home and Away (153,000).

Here’s the five shows that lifted the most from their overnight figures:

ProgramNetworkTotal TV% lift
Love Island AustraliaNine593,00099
The Rookie – Ep2Seven367,00080
The RookieSeven439,00058
The Bachelorette Australia10754,00051
Australia’s Health RevolutionSBS472,00036

Primary Channels, Key Demos, Multi-Channels, Brekky Battle: All figures Total People, Five City Metro (5CM); overnights only.

Daily Consolidated 7 Total TV: All figures Total People, Consolidated 7 day Five City Metro (5CM) + Regional (Reg) + BVOD (Broadcast Video on Demand); % lift compared to overnight figures.

Top 20 Overnight Metro

Top 20 Multi-Channel Shows

Overnight Network Share

Top 20 Foxtel Shows

Daily Consolidated 7 Total TV Program Rankings

Data © OzTAM Pty Limited 2022. The data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of OzTAM.

Note: Program performance and ranking information subject to change when not based on final program logs. Programs with the same name on one or more primary or multichannel, are aggregated into one network figure.

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Steve Molk
Steve Molk
Steve Molk is sharply focused on the business of TV in Australia across all its formats - FTA broadcast, commercial, subscription, catch up & BVOD. Based on the Central Coast of NSW he's a passionate advocate for Australian-made programming, particularly drama and comedy. He loves podcasting, gaming & watching too much TV. For all media enquiries please call or text 0401-709-405



  1. Hi Steve. I think you’re being a little dramatic about The Bachelorette. Agreed live ratings aren’t great, but looking at last week’s ep it gained 51% on catchup over the week. Similar story for Love Island, also for the same younger demo. Can you give us some stats on how previous seasons of Bachelor/Bachelorette have fared on catchup for a more accurate comparison? Cheers

    • Hi Mike – I’m not being dramatic at all. Making It Australia was moved to the ‘all-new’ time of 6pm Saturdays and it was rating better than this.

      While Total TV is indeed a solid part of the consideration now, there is no comparison between The Bachelorette Australia (7:30pm) and Love Island Australia (8:40pm-ish). The former is in a primetime slot and needs to do a lot of heavy lifting to hold its place; the latter is an intentional BVOD play (as Nine have said) and the later slot is there to basically give it extra audience and save them some programming hassles. It is also an unfair comparison to compare shows in different timeslots – that’s not apples to apples (except when noting a later running program rates better than something at primetime, because it shouldn’t).

      For a primetime show to be rating as poorly as The Bachelorette Australia now is causes all sorts of headaches – make goods for advertisers as much as if 10 were to move it, what replaces it? If they don’t move it can they weather the ratings declining even further and the stories about how poorly it is doing.

      You’re welcome to look at our ratings database and see what catch-up previous seasons of the Bachelor franchise has done, and interrogate OzTAM’s BVOD reports for same. Prior to Total TV coming out the data is not centralised and would take quite some time to compile. What I can tell you is that this is the lowest any show in the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchises have rated for 10, and that is pitiful at 7:30pm.

      Don’t forget – that gain percentage in Total TV is overnights for metro AND regional, plus catch-up for both, plus BVOD for both metro AND regional. So while it can look great, it’s not a direct comparison to the overnights we publish for the week before. Also a show may gain a high percentage of audience via Total TV, however if you’re coming off a low base it’s not as big as the percentage makes it sound.

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